Become a partner of GreenBuzz Berlin e.V.!

We are an inspiring network of 3.000+ sustainability enthusiasts including young
professionals, entrepreneurs, students and other likeminded people living in Berlin. Our vision
is a sustainable world where everybody thrives and contributes to continuous and sustainable
improvements of the status quo. We connect people, provide educational information as well
as events, and conduct research to support and facilitate collaborative actions.

What’s the point?

We are proud of our active network of future-oriented people who strive for a meaning-ful
contribution to society. To increase the community’s impact, we would love to share our
network with you – and vice versa – in order to realize our vision and make a better world,
faster. Simultaneously, we want to promote you and your organization and raise awareness
for your activities. As our partner, we offer you access to…

  • a unique audience: Easily promote your sustainable products and services. Find brilliant
    and engaged minds to boost your cause to the next level. Get valuable face time with an
    interested and diverse audience at our events attracting more than 100 participants on a
    regular basis! Present yourself on our website and in our newsletter.
  • a well established community: Share your news and content on our Facebook page and
    Twitter channel. Reach a target group of more than 3.000 active young professionals in
    Berlin caring about sustainability (25-35 years on average).
  • key actors of Berlin’s sustainability scene: Get in touch with the right players! Having
    built a great sustainability network in Berlin including public and private organizations, we
    are more than happy to put you in touch with peers that could be helpful to you.
    Additionally, we have a media partnership with Harvard’s Sense&Sustainability.


We are an easy and friendly network trying to operate as non-bureaucratic as possible.
Therefore, there is no need for contracts for now.Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Send us an e-mail stating your interest in a partnership and we will confirm our future
    collaboration, if we share the same values.
  2. Tell us how you can support us. We are looking for funding, media coverage, co-
    organization of events and the expansion of our network. If you have other ideas how you could support us, just let us know!
  3. Send us your logo and a short statement on what sustainability means to you – we will
    post it on our website making our partnership visible.

We look forward to a sustainable partnership!


You can download this text as PDF here.