Florian Weingarten
Founder and Board Member
Florian is an entrepreneurial-minded product manager with 8+ years of professional experience in designing and managing digital products. He holds a degree in product design and received an iF Design award in 2013. Driven by a 'less is more' attitude, he does not only strive for simplicity in the products he is responsible for, but pursues Minimalism as a basis for a more sustainable lifestyle. Together with Marco, he founded GreenBuzz Berlin to connect like-minded people dedicated to drive change in our society.
Marco Blumendorf
Founder and Board Member
Dr. Marco Blumendorf has over 15 years of experience in green technology, software development and computer science research. He has been building and leading teams and companies for the past 10 years and is currently working as mentor and coach for several Berlin-based startups in the field. Marco enjoys traveling, sports and being outdoors and is enthusiastic about sustainable living. Together with Florian, he started Sustainability Drinks and GreenBuzz Berlin.
Alice Rimpot
Board Member
Alice has a M.Sc. in Agronomy and Food Sciences from Montpellier SupAgro in France. She lived in various places, from Chile to Australia and now Germany. After some years in the corporate world as a product developer and raw material scientist, she decided to align her work with her interest for environmental issues by joining CDP, an NGO that engages companies, cities and regions to measure and disclose their environmental impacts. She keeps a strong affinity with food topics and the challenge of feeding the world in a sustainable way.
Federico Marroni
Board Member
Federico has a M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Vienna. Originally from Bologna, he’s been working with different startups in UX, developing ideas into prototypes. He currently works with Tiny Huge News, a digital platform whose goal is to teach media literacy to children. With Greenbuzz, he organized events and created content on open data and communication in sustainability. His interests are the natural world, environmental activism, and innovation for the sake of sustainability. He is glad to answer all your questions concerning UX, community building, and fun facts about animals (although his answers might as well be wrong).
Samie Blasingame
Samie has a M.A. in Environmental Policy and Planning from Freie Universität Berlin and a B.A. in International Studies with a focus on Latin America from California State University, Long Beach. Originally from California, she has lived, worked, played and followed many opportunities which have kept her on this side of the Atlantic for the past 5+ years. With a continuous passion for outreach and education, she is a passionate advocate for making sustainability more accessible. She currently resides in Berlin where she works as a researcher at TMG Research - a think tank focused on sustainability issues.
Raquel Oliveira

Raquel studies Rural Development (M.Sc) at Humboldt University in Germany. She holds a B.Sc. in Veterinary Medicine and MBAs in Marketing and Socio-environmental Business. Before moving to Europe, she had a marketing & communications corporate career in the agriculture sector in Brazil. 

Jack McGovan

Born originally in the UK, Jack is a graduate in chemistry with a specialisation in ‘Energy and Sustainable Chemistry’ from the University of Groningen. Following a job as a student journalist covering the energy transition, he has moved to Berlin to follow his passion for creating a fairer and more sustainable world. As part of GreenBuzz, he is responsible for overseeing the blog, editing the content and writing himself. His main interests centre around communicating science to those outside of the scientific community. In particular, he is interested in an evidence based approach and providing people with the tools to fight against misinformation.

Philipp Megelin
Philipp complemented his background in Business Administration with a Master in Corporate Environmental Management in  Finland. He is specialized in the assessment of sustainability and currently works for a startup in the finance sector as sustainability analyst. He loves to move and thus does a lot of sports and travelling. At GreenBuzz Berlin he is responsible for the topics on sustainable finances and corporate sustainability.
Carrie So
Carrie has obtained her Arts degree with Honours from Sydney, Australia. Riding on her 12 years start-up & corporate experiences within the online media industry for the Asia Pacific region based in Hong Kong & Singapore, she continues her learning & mastery in active-listening, cross-cultural & inter departmental communication, project management, and negotiation. These skill-sets allow her to translate and combine distinct processes/thinking of team members into the multiple layers of collaborative frameworks. As founder of CO-Happening in Paris, she specializes in partnerships, community building, forming new teams, designing collaborative processes, strategizing monetization for media owners, events and anything business development.
Lu Davidson

Lu's passion for call-to-action storytelling has guided her through 14 years of video production and info-graphic animation, helping to communicate compelling and complicated messages to wider audiences. Her clients are usually individuals and organisations working towards positive social and environmental impact. With Greenbuzz, she supports the team’s goal to connect and inspire pro-active events and gatherings that focus on 'sustainability', sharing professional knowledge and exploring positive activism.

Barbara Cilliers Pistorius
Barbara is a photographer and art-director based in Berlin. As founder and editor of Soonafternoon, she seeks to learn more about the intersection between design and sustainability. Since graduating cum laude in Information Design, Barbara's been working with clients in Johannesburg, New York, London and Berlin. She's lectured at the University of Pretoria and spoken at South Africa’s Design Indaba.
Nils Bader
Nils studied economics and marketing. In his professional career everything is about communication, empowerment and building networks. The journey led from music related projects to learning environments to sustainability projects and platforms with customers like German Government, Ministry of Environment, IKEA Foundation, O2, Telekom,.... 7 years ago he initiated the Green Product Award to raise awareness for sustainable products and to empower their creators, run exhibitions, workshops and forums in Germany, China, Sweden. Recently he is raising the network to create the future village,  a place for sustainable learning, living and co-creation in Berlin.
Katja Nordwig
Katja is an innovation and supply chain specialist with experience  in social enterprise acceleration, impact investment, fundraising and impact assessments – especially in Africa. She is passionate about transferring intangible ideas into practical, real-world activity and has recently founded Grinno – an innovation agency for sustainability. She has lived and worked in Sweden, the Netherlands and South Africa und recently moved back to Berlin. When she's not busy transforming innovative ideas into projects with impact, you can find her either on her mountain bike or at the nearest bookstore.
Chrysanthi Hadjiandreou
Being raised in a multicultural environment in Greece with Egyptian and Italian roots, Chrysanthi soon discovered her passion for traveling and obtained her M.Sc. in Tourism & Hospitality Management with a focus on Sustainability, after her B.Sc. in Business Administration . Having lived in many different cities and having a professional experience the past 5+ years in Consulting for SMBs in Tourism, Project Management, Business Development and Revenue Management, she recently decided to leave the corporate world and explore on her own Latin America for a few months. Coming back to Berlin and getting involved in innovative and good cause projects, she is determined to encourage people to discover the magic of traveling in a responsible, sustainable and authentic way.  
Cecilia Hanelt
Cecilia has a BS in communications with a concentration in public relations. She has experience in the nonprofit sector as well as in online marketing and graphic design. She felt drawn to get involved with the movement to slow the climate breakdown, which aptly landed her in Berlin to pursue a master’s in sustainable development. Cecilia joined GreenBuzz to get involved with the local community surrounding sustainability, as she believes these types of connections are key to addressing the climate crisis. 
Carolin Kruse
Carolin studied Business Management focused on tourism, mobility and sustainability. Carolin works in the renewable energy sector for a start-up in Berlin and as a consultant for sustainable mobility. Carolin is passionate about concepts which stop the climate change and do not decrease the quality of life at the same time. At GreenBuzz Berlin she is responsible for the topics on circular economy, CSR, energy, mobility and tourism.
Ulrike Hinz
Ulrike has a B.A. and M.A. in International Business and Strategic Management with a focus on sustainability. She works in projects, operations and sales at ubitricity, an innovative start up at the intersection of electromobility, energy and telecommunications. She loves travelling and lived in Argentina, Spain, Australia and Czech Republic. As Co-Founder and Board Member of GreenBuzz Berlin she is responsible for topics on circular economy, electromobility and energy.
Kelly Poon

Kelly believes that knowledge, openness and communication are the key to solving any problem. After completing her B.SoSc. in Organizational Communications, she immersed herself into commercial advertising for 4+ years. Intuitions brought her to Berlin 3 years ago. Her encounters here ignited her passion for sustainability, humanity, and innovative solutions. She seeks to support Startups and NGOs with her broad experience, from branding, strategic planning, advertising, project management, event-organizing to team-building. Now she is studying Master in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at TU Berlin.

Ksenia Kalitka

Ksenia is working as a product owner for software development projects. After completing her bachelors degree in international relations & economy in Russia; she then followed her passion for travel and found Berlin to be a new home to establish an internship and continue on with masters degree. Her graduate studies had motivated her to become involved with the climate crisis by choosing to live a fundamental lifestyle that aligned with her green beliefs. She joined Greenbuzz for the purpose to organize events & raise awareness through education by harnessing a new network of initiatives in hopes to birth inspiration into the masses.

Billy Pullar

Billy is a New Zealand qualified solicitor based in Berlin with experience working for London law firms and technology focused investment groups.  He believes that in order to make progress towards a greener future we need to broaden our perspectives, show empathy for others and engage with all stakeholders across society and business.  He holds a Bachelor of Laws from Otago University and a Graduate Diploma in International Relations from Victoria University Wellington.

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