More than ever, communities like GreenBuzz are giving passionate leaders the opportunity to draw on each other's strength and experiences to drive to a more sustainable and equitable world. At a time that we need more leaders and trees, GreenBuzz is a welcome addition that I fully endorse.

Paul Polman CEO, Unilever; Chairman, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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The CO-Happening! Concept

The CO-Happening! Concept

Today, we’re calling all dreamers and the crazy ones that believe in making things real. Co-Happening is your creative collaborative playground to Make It Happen!! Whatever is your project, it will probably require tangible results at some point. Also very likely, you cannot achieve entirely alone. If you want to make real progress you will need the skills & knowledge of others. But hang on […]

Zoo Composting at Peace of Land

On July 1st, 2018 GreenBuzz Berlin organized the Sustainability Lab Neukölln, hosting three challenges to support CO2 reduction in your local neighborhood and to promote citizen actions. One of the projects was the Zoo Compost Station, transforming food waste into high-quality bio-eggs, protein and compost. On July 19th we were invited to join the “ZeroWaste – Bring your Compost” party and got a chance to […]

GreenBuzz Sustainability Lab Neukölln – Clean Air, City Compost and Vertical Gardens

On July 1st 2018, about 20 people came together for the second GreenBuzz Berlin Sustainability Lab at CRCLR in Neukölln to jointly work on three challenges that have been proposed by active members of the GreenBuzz community in Berlin. Challenge 1 – Hydroponic Vertical Garden: There is a lot of bare walls in Berlin, 4 stories high, no windows, vast useless emptiness. Until now. Let us […]

The Drivers for Sustainable Technology

On May 15th Greenbuzz Berlin hosted a panel discussion, The Sustainable Side of Technology at the Betahaus Café in Berlin. The discussion took a direction towards digitalization, the relations with broader economy and what are the key trends that are driving the technology industry to become more sustainable and this article aims to consolidate that discussion. The gender balanced panel was composed by Eric Albers, Elena […]


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