Greenbuzz CONNECT

The CONNECT Programme brings professionals and self-starters together, in order to dive deeper into self-determined goals.

While Greenbuzz Events are great for learning, networking and inspiration, the CONNECT Programme is for those wanting more pro-active and focused problem-solving around sustainability-related projects, challenges and initiatives. Whether it’s seeking support for your own business, helping you find a focus for your mission or simply meeting others who could benefit from your personal expertise and knowledge.

We receive numerous requests for recommendations, help and input on various topics around sustainability. The CONNECT Programme in collaboration with CO-Happening, is our answer to these growing requests.

Sessions in the CONNECT Programme are designed according to the needs of our participants, encouraging active engagement, group-problem-solving and an opportunity for one-on-one mentorship.

Making this world more sustainable is a team effort that requires benevolent collaboration. As a group, we can help each other gain momentum and stay motivated.

Upcoming Session: 19th Nov, 2019

In this November CONNECT gathering, we’ll refine our storytelling skills in order to explore and develop our pitches together.

Designing and pursuing your current quest is one thing, but learning how to communicate it to others is another. This could be for convincing others to join your quest, for seeking funding support or simply to gain enthusiasm from your friends and family who ‘just don’t get it’.  

Professional videographer and call-to-action storyteller, Lu Davidson,  has designed some helpful tips and exercises, so bring your ideas, your current pitch or an open-mind.

So to ensure your spot, please fill out the form below.

Our first CONNECT session was held on 21st May where we addressed specific challenges & needs of other sustainability professionals. You can read more about it on the blog.

Meet the CONNECT Crew

Marco Blumendorf
Startups and Technology

I am one of the founders of GreenBuzz Berlin and have over 15 years of experience in green technology, software development and computer science. I have been building and leading teams and startups for the past 10 years and am currently working as developer, mentor and coach for several Berlin-based startups in the field. With a passion for sustainability and and interest in and transforming the ways our society approaches collaboration, creation (and consumption) and resource usage, I prefer to work with companies that strive to fix our planet.

What I can help with:

  • mobile app development (with react-native), funding rounds and due diligences
  • Agile development practices and New Work concepts
  • development (full stack, web, mobile apps, react-native) and identifying requirements and suitable technologies for your products
  • how to build successful development teams and implement first products
  • also business plans, funding and strategy
Carrie So
Reshaping Collaborative Innovation

I support self-starting individuals and professionals of different skill sets and background to innovate and collaborate with others effectively through stakeholder events, conferences and workshops.

After 10 years working in the media & marketing service industry, I co-founded my first start-up and learned from both ‘failures’ and successes in gathering the right team, all of which led me to found the “CO-Happening!” collective just a couple of years later, and the COHAP LAB in 2019.

What I can help with:

  • entrepreneur & intrapreneur experiences
  • R&D + implementing cross departmental collaboration
  • creating & sustaining regenerative culture to work effectively in the long-run
  • designing and hosting stakeholder events, conferences and workshops
Florian Weingarten
Startups and Product

As a product & tech lead at B/S/H/ Digital Ventures GmbH, I am continuously developing and evaluating business concepts and startup ideas. With a degree in product design and an iF Design award in my pocket I am applying my 10+ years of professional experience in designing and managing digital products to build new businesses. Driven by a 'less is more' attitude, I not only strive for simplicity in products, but pursue Minimalism as a basis for a more sustainable lifestyle. Together with Marco, I founded GreenBuzz Berlin to connect like-minded people dedicated to drive change in our society.

What I can help with:

  • developing and evaluating business ideas
  • let's explore how you can test your idea and product with minimal effort
  • product design and product management
  • focussing on the right things especially in early stages
Raquel Oliveira
Marketing, Communications & Social Media

I am a marketing & communications professional, with 7 years of corporate experience in the agriculture sector in Brazil. I hold a B.Sc. in Veterinary, an MBA in Marketing and another in Socio-environmental Business. I am currently transitioning to a new career path, as I came to Europe to study my fourth degree, a master in sustainable rural development and learn about global sustainability challenges in an international context.

What I can help with:

  • Marketing & communications strategies and plans
  • Blogging, social media and content production
  • Topics related to the agriculture sector (I worked for agribusiness companies and also participated in sustainable agriculture projects)
  • Is your business idea focused on the South American market? I can help you with insights from an insider!
Federico Marroni
Design and UX

Originally from Bologna, I have been working with different startups in UX, developing ideas into prototypes. I am currently working with Tiny Huge News, a digital platform whose goal is to teach media literacy to children. With Greenbuzz, I organize events and create content on open data and communication in sustainability. I hold an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Vienna and my interests are the natural world, environmental activism, and innovation for the sake of sustainability.

What I can help with:

  • UX research and design
  • Design Thinking
  • Community building
Lu Davidson
Storytelling & Videography

My passion for call-to-action storytelling has guided me through 12 years of documentary filmmaking and info-graphic animation, helping to communicate complicated messages to wider audiences. My clients are usually individuals and organisations working towards positive social and environmental impact. With Greenbuzz, I am supporting our team’s goal to connect and inspire people through the topic of ‘sustainability’. Berlin is the perfect city for pro-active events and gatherings that focus on sharing professional knowledge and exploring positive activism.

What I can help with:

  • Storytelling and video-production processes
  • Understanding your ‘audience’
  • Creating an effective and inviting ‘call-to-action’
Matai MediaEmail
Marcos Alves
Machine Learning and Project Management

I am a project management professional with 7 years of experience in research, development and registration of pharmaceutical products in Latin America Africa and Asia. I hold a B.Sc in Veterinary Medicine, an MBA in project management and I am currently finishing a master in Rural Development in Europe with emphasis in the environmental impacts of livestock production on climate change.

In the last couple of years, I have focused on developing programming skills in R and Python. Now I work at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) modelling the climate impacts of agriculture production using machine learning techniques.

What I can help with:

  • Data Science and statistics with focus on machine learning
  • Coding in R and Python
  • Project planning and execution
  • Agricultural economics training
  • Dealing with regulations