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As part of our events and activities we are always keen to collaborate with sponsors interested in supporting our non-profit activities and in turn provide a platform to communicate your message to our audience of over 3000 followers.

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"enorm is the magazin for social change. It wants to encourage and show that also little changes have an impact. Therefore enorm presents inspiring men and women of action and their ideas as well as companies and projects which show how to make life and work more sustainable – constructive, intelligent and solution-oriented."

Good Impact

"Good Impact is a online platform consisting of a constructive magazin, a job board, an event calendar and a travel portal. We inform about new ideas and solutions to social challenges and present job offers with a social purpose, events with a social impact as well as sustainable travel destinations."


German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency

DENEFF unites frontier companies in the field of energy efficiency to collectively represent their political interests for an effective and ambitious energy efficiency regulation in Germany.


Innovative and user-centered thinking, while striving for sustainability – this is how solutions can emerge that do not only thrill people but are also eco-friendly, economically viable, and socially equitable. How can anyone disagree with that?

Low Carbon City

LowCarbonCity aims to foster a collectively construction of low carbon cities and include citizens in climate change governance, since they hold an enormous potential to act as changemakers. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the UNFCCC Paris Agreement, and the importance of cities to mitigate climate change, the Low Carbon City Platform was created in Medellin in December 2015.

IÖW (Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung)

GreenBuzz Berlin collaborates with the IÖW by using their IÖW-Lab in Berlin. The lab offers room for work meetings, workshops and the exchange with scientists of the institute.


At SirPlus, sustainability is one of our main pillar. We focus on food waste - one of many environment and especially society problems. We offer solutions and a possibility to take actions together. We follow a strong way of sustainability which enables people to value our central need, our food and all the love and resources which comes with it.

TOA 18

Tech Open Air is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival to connect, grow and inspire the human spirit through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration. Speakers like Boyan Slat, Founder & CEO of The Ocean Cleanup and Javier Goyeneche, Founder of ECOALF ensure that sustainability gets a platform as well!

"Venn Berlin balances city life with more space for community, personal growth, and social involvement. Through the power of our platform, we give the possibility to become an active creator and participant in the community where everyone is invited to belong, explore and contribute. Sustainability is of great importance to us, that is why we are working together with local and fair suppliers like Nutsandwoods, Horzon and Urbanara and are powered by 100% clean energy from Naturstrom."


"Companies destroy the environment? They can be sustainable as well. With almost 200 members, we are showing that it is possible. Even across business sectors."

Impact Hub Berlin

"At Impact Hub Berlin we have created a vast network of social innovators, intrapreneurs, organisations and institutions united in their efforts to positively shape the future."

Triodos Bank

Triodos isn’t just a bank: we’re changing the way banking is done. As a customer, you’re helping build a movement that’s cultivating positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Berlin Street Music

"Berlin Street Music is an advocacy group set up to protect street art & music in Berlin. The aim is to bridge the gap between musicians, citizens, policy makers, businesses and anyone else involved in creating a thriving, culturally rich, and economically sustainable street art scene."


"Most energy efficiency projects fail due to a lack of funding. We provide funding with equity from the crowd AND offer an attractive ROI for crowd investors. It´s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation: The investor gets interest, the project owner saves energy & money, the environment is less polluted."


"Sustainability is about the effort to keep the earth a place for us to live. To that end, Climate-KIC contributes by initiating and seed-financing innovations for a low carbon economy."


"At Ecosia, sustainability means using the power of social business to inspire others to use alternative tools. By allowing users to capitalize on daily habits to support for example reforestation projects, you empower individuals to contribute to a greater good."


"ICE-Gateway stands for digital connected infrastructure for Smart Cities which can be upgraded with new functionalities at any time. We adopt to future needs of cities for light, traffic and more."

360 Agency Berlin

"360 Agency Berlin is the first sustainable advertising agency in the world to support exclusively sustainable brands, acting as a label in the long term. We believe that by consuming and advertising responsibly we can change the lives of thousands and eventually create a structural change towards sustainability."


"Sustainability is the balance between species, humans, and the resources of its environment. Sustainability in architecture means to seek the minimization of waste and energy consumption in the whole construction process, from the production of construction materials until site works."


"We are convinced that long term competitiveness, satisfied clients and a high quality of life in destinations, can only be guaranteed when tourism development is managed responsibly. Our work aims at linking tourism and sustainability management innovatively and consistently."


"We believe that fashion can be fair, thus ethically and ecologically justifiable. That's why we founded Möon with a selection of labels from around the world, to show, that sustainable fashion can also stand for aesthetics and style."


"The world becomes smart. The energy world becomes distributed. The power plants of the future will be on our roofs and on our basements. Thermondo is the leading planner, seller, installer & financing provider of heat solutions to residential customers in Germany."

Ruby Cup

"Sustainability means a long-term and a holistic approach to doing business. It also includes a humble and thankful approach to the people and planets around us."


"Unfortunately, sustainability is often only reached through a constraining life-style. At eMio we work to enable a sustainable life-style that as well and foremost is: fun."


"SUSA believes that their ownership, commitment and participation are the foundation for lasting change towards better working conditions. Our training programmes enable workers and managers to develop the skills needed for this process."

Premium Cola

"It's basically an old idea: acting really responsibly for your ecological, social and economical impact, not your PR about that."

Green Alley Award

"The steps towards a circular economy are vital for all of us. We need to change our daily behavior and get the point that waste is a valuable resource. With the Green Alley Award we nurture and promote business ideas that put this into practice."

B Corp

"For the B Corp movement, sustainability means that business has to be conducted as if people and planet mattered. Benefits should be created for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. We are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations."


"Think big. Think of all. Always rethink what you consider to be right. Never stop listening. Never stop learning. Stick to the good - and be ready for the better."


"The Energy Transition is Sustainability. In order to make it happen we need participation and active local markets: Prosumers, community energy and regional integration of all energy sectors are the key to success. Generation Energiewende can make it happen."

Economy for the Common Good (ECG)

"The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is an alternative economic system built on values that promote the needs of the entire population. It is a tool for economic, political, and social change – a bridge to a better future. Providing an ethical compass for companies and municipalities alike."

KMU gegen TTIP

"If we want to survive as a species there is no alternative to sustainability. There is also no long term profit in acting non-sustainable as the very basis for an economy is destroyed by short term acting and thinking."

Innovation with Energy

"Sustainability means not wasting any resources at any time, but efficiently using them in harmony with nature. Personally I support start-ups to work with corporates to achieve a green, sustainable future."

Tres Cabezas

"We live our direct-trade philosophy, because we want to convince ourselves of the conditions of the farmers and coffee plants."


"ANJA aims to make the world a sustainable place for future generations by setting a world example for a 100% eco-friendly Food and Beverage Production without compromises!"

Alistair Langer

"Living responsibly means living collaboration that cross methods and disciplines. We have to get to the bottom of things consciously to make a deep shift happen. I’m an extrovert networker, loving people, generating revenue, winning partners and thinking brand development lateral."

Baumhaus Berlin

"When a system is sustainable it means it is in a state of dynamic balance. Das Baumhaus Berlin seeks ways to bring more balance into the world within our P.E.A.C.E.S. framework (Personal, Ecologic, Aesthetic, Cultural, Economic & Social) in the form of a sustainable solutions design agency."

heads up!

"heads up! shows that a sustainable lifestyle tastes, looks and feels really good. The online magazine presents inspiring people, projects, products and ideas that make our world a little bit better."

GreenMe Berlin

"I believe in a world, where everyone is linking sustainability with enjoyment and positive feelings, where eco-mindedness flows naturally into the actions of people and businesses. That's what starts happening in Berlin - I show you where."


"For us, sustainability means that first, everyone takes charge of their personal carbon footprint to stop climate change. We make it easy for people to do so and sort out the numbers."

Netzwerk Fahrradfreundliches Neukölln

"Advocating for sustainable mobility structures is not about losing something, but about getting healthier and socially just cities that are beautiful AND easy to access."

Open Energy Exchange

"Open Energy Exchange – this is our vision: We are going to build a peer-to- peer marketplace to connect regional energy producers, suppliers and customers in a smart energy community to share and trade their energy for better efficiencies and use of local renewable energies."


"Sharecy enables everyone in the food supply chain to collaborate efficiently to use all produced food, reduce food waste and to protect our planet."

"I love the GreenBuzz events with inspiring talks and the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of interesting people. I'm proud to support the team as a software developer to make sustainable ideas more visible in Berlin and the world."


"We passionately promote the only possible economy, the sustainable one. We are acting here and now, working together with the most dedicated and forward-thinking companies, selecting high quality and innovative projects."