Feeding Berlin #6 - Building a Local Food Economy


SIRPLUS is a Berlin based impact startup fighting against food waste in Germany.
We bring imperfect and excess food back into the circulation by offering it for sale in our online shop. Directly working with 700 producers and wholesalers, we are able to save valuable food that is perfectly edible but can't be sold for all sorts of reasons.
Our goal is to make the topic of food waste mainstream and encourage our society, politics and business to rethink. Together with our customers and partners, we make an important contribution to sustainable consumption and climate protection!

Contact: Marlene Winkler (marlene.winkler@sirplus.de)


Foodjustice is an educational project, dealing with the worldwide nutrition transition, sustainable diets and Planetary Health. We aim to raise awareness for the advantages a planetary healthy diet brings for human health, climate, biodiversity and soils.

Contact: Dinah Stratenwerth (stratenwerth@blue21.de)

The Global Bean project

Discover our EU- and global network for promoting the cultivation of legumes in the gardens and their use in the kitchen!

Contact: Lisa Hoffmann (Bean@2000m2.eu)


aloti-farm is a bio, BIPoC and queer led permaculture farm in Brandenburg. It's goal is to provide marginalized communities in Berlin and Brandenburg with healthy vegetables and to create a safer space for us to connect with the land.

Contact: aloti-farm (aloti-farm@posteo.net)

Feeding Berlin #5: How to be a Climavore


HEALabel is the #1 ethical consumer resource in 2021. It is a website and app to help us all buy better. Quickly see with transparency how food, fabrics, fashion and brands collectively impact Health + Environment + Animals + Laborers. Use the app, guides, lists and database to get quick info on purchases. Is it healthy, sustainable, vegan, fair trade? HEALabel makes it easy to eat responsibly, buy better, go green, shop cruelty free and lead a conscious, compassionate lifestyle.

Contact: Adriane Marie (info@healabel.com)

UrbanFarm DE

UrbanFarm DE is a local start up in Berlin, with the mission of transforming traditional agricultural practices to sustainability-oriented indoor farming methods. As UrbanFarm, to minimize the environmental impact, we have developed a model that aims to use minimum amount of water and resource to grow different types of greens for four seasons. We produce different types of microgreens & herbs for restaurants, cafes, hotels to enrich their menu. All of our products are grown organically using only soil and water locally in Berlin. UrbanFarm DE is supported by Startup Incubator Berlin.

Contact: Ecem Mumcu (urbanfarmde@gmail.com)

Rethinking tourism: How can we make traveling more sustainable?

Green cultural mobility

As a writer and translator, I would like to encourage the German literary/translation community to explore more sustainable models of cultural mobility (i.e. cultural exchange, reading tours, research trips, residencies etc.). I hope to begin by organizing a conference or workshop and have a contact at one of Berlin's main literature/translation institutions who is interested in the issue. Right now I'm hoping to meet people from other parts of the cultural scene who are engaged with or interested in the issue, as well as people from the sustainability scene who could offer expertise.

Contact: Isabel Cole

Fuorivia Cultural Association - Experience walking tourism

FuoriVia Cultural Association was born in 2016 as a legacy of a decennial project (IUAV of Venice): its aims are to promote the philosophy of walking, rediscovering historical, natural and cultural routes, and thus promoting sustainable tourism in Europe and in Mediterranean countries.
Every year the association organises a walking experience of 2 weeks for a heterogeneous group of around 45 people. The added value lays in the connection established with the local communities and institutions, those who host our big group in public facilities and campsites; at the same time, we analyse maps and study socio-cultural relations in the area of interest.
Walking is a unique way of experiencing a territory: complete for all your senses, accessible to everybody and respectful of the environment.

Contact: Giulia Melilli (fuorivia@fuorivia.org)

Community clean ups with SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Over the past three years, in multiple destinations around Europe, we have been asking visitors to donate one hour of their time to helping us pick up litter in popular destinations such as Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Paris and Dublin. While we normally try to entice guests to join us by offering something like a tour, beer, picnic or similar, we are always delighted to see that for most guests, the motivating factor is giving back to these cities in a positive way. Hundreds of guests have now joined, and enjoyed, these events.

Contact: Stephanie Taylor-Carrillo (stephanie@neweuropetours.eu)

Gyding UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Gyding is an online platform where consumers can find sustainable products. In order to provide actually sustainable products Gyding evaluates the manufactures according to their level of sustainability. Only manufactures working with Gyding can offer their products on the platform.

Long-term we want to be able to tell every end-customer exactly what impact he has on the environment and the fellow humans. Consumers will get benefits if they are becoming more sustainable (they get a personal sustainability status). Additionally, we provide consumers with tips about how to become more sustainable.

Helping consumers to travel more sustainable and showing them the impact of their travel will play an important role.

Contact: Daniel Burmester (daniel.burmester@gyding.de)

196 Destinations

Sometime ago 196 Destinations was my consumer orientated travel startup. A bucket list, with flight data coming from Skyscanner. We had a thousand or so travellers registers. We ran out of runway & I had to return to work as a technology consultant!

Are we at a 'demand' level where we can make an impact on the world's travel vehicle choices?

Do people know enough about places within a 4 hour train journey vs an equivalent flight time? Do we have enough coach routes? How can we make it as enjoyable as possible? A chauffeur to the train station? Baggage handling? Certainly train restaurant carriages are enjoyable already and an advantage on flights.

Are rome2rio, omio, loco2 and even google maps search enough tools to do this journey? How do we make enough money to sustain a business of a group of a team of people? How can we persuade DB and Flix to offer affiliate fees? Or would you make money from just accomodation and destination activities?

Contact: Ian Moss (hello@ianmoss.com)

Eco Foot Print Free Travel

I have recently submitted my idea of Sustainable Tourism to "Entrepreneurship-Campus" for "The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition" which is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
My idea is to encourage & educate everyone to travel consciously, being respectful towards the environment. I also want to generate financial support to locals being ecological and economical through building a platform for sustainable travelling. You can read more details about the idea in the url .

Contact: Prajakta Alase (alase.prajakta@gmail.com)

Tourists' willingness to pay for sustainable tourism in Berlin

Thesis work on sustainable tourism in Berlin from two TU Berlin MSc Environmental Planning students. Our study asks tourists visiting Berlin how much of an increase to the existing City Tax they would be willing to pay if the funds were redistributed to environmental projects in the tourism sector. We propose grants for green certification of hotels, improved bike lanes and enhancement of natural areas as the projects to be implemented. Our

Contact: Jessica Weir (jess.a.weir@gmail.com)

Nachhaltiger leben in Berlin

With our instagram account "Nachhaltiger leben in Berlin" we reach more than 30.000 People in Berlin who are interested in sustainability. In the next months we want to establish a new weekly content series about sustainable traveling with the focus on how travel through europe with trains and night trains as an alternative to airplanes.

Contact: Jonas Wegener

Changemaker Tour Berlin

Changemaker Tour Berlin is a social enterprise eco-system tour which introduces participants to Berlin based solutions to local and global challenges. This CO2 neutral, zero waste and high impact tour inspires participants to create positive change in their own lives and empowers them with an understanding of the powerful steps we can take towards creating a more sustainable world.

Contact: Natalie Magee (natalie@byheartprojects.com)

The Big Picture: Can The Economy Support a Sustainable World?

Global Goals Jam Berlin

The Global Goals Jam is back in Berlin for 2019!

The Global Goals Jam is a two day event where creative teams work together on local challenges related to the Global Goals. Using a tailored toolkit, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term goals. This year we focus on Migration, e-waste, Climate & Water Change & No poverty.

Come #Design2030 with us!

To learn more about the Jam in Germany, go to www.globalgoalsjam.de
To learn more about the Jam Globally go to www.globalgoalsjam.org

Contact: Nadim Choucair (nadim@wearecabinet.io)


ecoligo provides a fully financed solar-as-a-service solution for businesses in emerging markets. We are now hiring for our Berlin HQ team!

Contact: Chris Marples (chris.marples@ecoligo.com)

CSA / SoLaWi

A model for direct trade with farmers, with fair prices, sustainable farming and consumption and a closer connection with the food.

I am a member of SoLaWi Waldgarten, but it's the idea which I want to pitch!

Online resource for finding SoLaWis/CSAs: ernte-teilen.org
My SoLaWi/CSA https://www.solawi-waldgarten.de/

Contact: James Topping (j.e.topping@gmail.com)

Sail to the COP

Just like Greta Thunberg, who announced yesterday that she will be sailing to the UN Climate Action Summit in NY, this autumn a team of 36 changemakers will embark of a 7-week trip to sail from the Netherlands to the UN Climate Conference COP25 in Chile. We aim to raise awareness about the climate impact of aviation and to demand a fair and sustainable future of travel. During the Atlantic crossing the team will be working in a think tank to create a vision for the future of travel and to come up with actions that will be carried out at the COP, to raise the topic on the political agenda. With this, we aim to raise awareness on the level of politics, industry, and individuals and to demand political action.

Greta does not stand alone!

Contact: Frederike Freitag (info@sailtothecop.com)

Zero Waste Berlin International

Zero Waste Berlin International is a community in Berlin focused in sustainability and Zero Waste. We celebrate monthly event with different speakers, to discuss about the different perspective the zero waste life has and in order to make the knowledge accessible to people.

What's next? You will discover it soon!

Contact: Coral Ruz (zerowasteberlin@gmail.com)

openTransfer Green CAMP

On 2nd of August, we - the Stiftung Bürgermut - organise the openTransfer Green CAMP in Berlin. The event brings together around 100 organisations from the sustainable civil society - be it an initiative, social entrepreneurs, activists or an individual who is committed to the protection of the environment. It is organised in the format of a barcamp, which means that the participants themselves decide the agenda of the day and everyone can contribute. The goal is knwoledge exchange, networking and to find solutions for a more sustainable future together. We are nearly fully booked, but we would like to give the participants of the Green Buzz envent the possibility to join us!

Contact: Julia and Louise (julia.meuter@buergermut.de)

Surplus Circle

A B2B online-marketplace that helps farmers sell their surplus and imperfect produce to food and beverage manufacturers.

Contact: Fritz Michallik (mail@fritzmichallik.com)

International Climate Initiative (IKI)

The IKI is a central pillar of Germany's climate finance and of its funding pledges under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). IKI programmes promote innovative solutions, develop new political, economic and regulatory approaches and foster technological options and cooperation models.

Contact: Mareike Bodderas (mareike.bodderas@z-u-g.org)


An app that helps people to live longer and, therefore, also to act more sustainably.

Contact: Tassilo Weber (tassilo@yolife.io)


Grüneo is the apartment gardening box made for city gardeners to sow, grow and enjoy 100% organic herbs and veggies in a fun and sustainable way. It is the first DIY-subscription kit that includes all the necessary materials and knowledge that you need from the seed phase until a delicious fresh meal.

Contact: Louise Guigon and Alicia Ferrer Roman (hello.gruneo@gmail.com)

Earth Ratings

Sustainability Ratings for all Products and Services: we lower the barriers for a sustainable lifestyle by making sustainability-related info easily accessible and fun while shopping online

Contact: Carsten Roland (carsten.roland@earthratings.com)

Feeding Berlin #2: Challenging the industrial food system

FCL - Food Concept Lab GmbH

We are a consultancy company that works with sustainable and ethical brands and products. We partner with local producers to support them in a completely sustainable way, by making it easier to tell their stories, enhance their supply chain transparency, and by advising them on best practices. We even have our own sustainable chocolate brand, Chérie Chocolat, as well as our own sustainable coffee line, where our focus is on direct-trade and the avoidance of expensive labels for producers. Our current projects include consulting with Ben & Jerry’s to move the brand in a more social and sustainable direction, by enhancing their social missions, developing more vegan and low-impact options, and establishing a plastic-free and zero-waste philosophy. We invite brands to be a part of our innovative multimedia project, connecting analog and digital, that lets customers visualize a product's sustainable story. To be a part of this, talk to us about joining our sustainable brand/producer network!

Contact: Sarah Budke (sb@foodcl.com)

Wildkräuter und essbare Pflanzen (auch in der Stadt)

Als Wildkräuterfrau inspiriere ich Menschen in ihrer eigenen Umgebung essbare Wildpflanzen zu finden und ins tägliche Menü einzubinden. Wildpflanzen sind nahrhaft, nachhaltig und gratis und halten uns gesund und vital. Als Ergänzung zu meinen Kräuterwanderungen mache ich Rezepthefte mit Wildkräuterrezepten, um gleich loslegen und wild kochen zu können. GO WILD!

Contact: Tanja Hilgers (info@tanjahilgers.nl)

Dutch Harvest hemp tea

We make tea from the 'extra' stream of the multifunctional Fiber hemp (Hanf) plant. We work together with a farmer who uses the fibres, we 'save' the leaves and the flowers. We dry it to become a great, mild tasting and slightly sweet herbal tea which even has some anti-stress and pain-relieving benefit. We grow our hemp organically and work with closely with a social enterprise who packages the tea.
The tea is in over 400 shops in the Netherlands and now, we're moving to Berlin! It would be great to share our story with you and I'd love to hear your tips. Of course, we will serve some hemp tea to all attendees!

Contact: Esther Molenwijk (esther@dutchharvest.org)

The Real Junk Food Project Berlin

The Real Junk Food Project Berlin is part of a global network tackling food waste.

We help reducing food waste by turning surplus fresh food into delicious delicatessen and healthy meals that are provided to the community and various projects and events.

Contact: Carlotta Denis (realjunkfoodberlin@yahoo.com)

Creating Communities that Matter

Techstars Startup Weekend Berlin - Sustainable Revolution

54 hours to create and develop startup ideas that will boost sustainability in the world

?Do you have an idea you'd like to pursue or a problem you'd like to solve but don't know where to start or who to start with?
Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend. The last decade, we’ve organized more than 4 000 in over 150 countries, consolidating Startup Weekend as the biggest incubator for the world!

Join Techstars Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution on June 14 - 16 in Berlin!

Contact: Andra Nuta

The Global Ecovillage Network

The Globale Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a network of intentional communities around the globe. GEN envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing pathways to a regenerative future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity. The focus lies on local action and global exchange, with community and collaboration being the driving force.

Contact: Robert Starte (robert.starte@ecovillage.org)

The Bureau of Public Dreams

An open lab for neighbors and community members to join in daily prototyping of their own ideal public spaces and urban futures. This is an experimental space to evolve rituals, cultures and the collective intelligence of our futures. Initially just a two week project starting at B-Part co-working space and hopefully expanding into a more permanent space.

Contact: Michael Dobbie (mishek@hotmail.com)

Hymn to NATURE

Presenting a hymn to nature in German and English supported by the music of the final theme of Johannes Brahms' First Symphony.

WFS Wachstums-Förderungs-Strategie (für Qualität), Innovationsberatung. http://www.lund-wfs.de (commercial positions)

Contact: Joachim Lund bv (option@lund-wfs.de)


With the tech sector responsible for a similar level of emissions as aviation or shipping now, if you work in tech, you have a part to play to fixing it.

But where do you start?

One of the first things you can do is *talk about it,* and we know that we have tried and tested ways to explore big, complicated topics like climate change together.

So, just like we explored GDPR with the OMGDPR unconference last year at Soundcloud, we're doing the same about climate change with OMG CLIMATE - it's a free community-run, open-space, half-day event, in Berlin on Saturday May 25th.

Contact: Chris Adams (chris@productscience.net)

We’re drowning in information. How can we use public data for sustainability?


I work for a company called PEAT, we have a free app called Plantix with just under a million monthly active users, mostly smallholder farmers in India. Those users can take a picture of their crop and we will diagnose crop diseases with this image using neural networks immediately. We also provide accessible information on treating these diseases and farming in general, and use the data we acquire to prewarn users about potential diseases which may affect their yield in the future.

Contact: Joey Faulkner (joey@plantix.net)

Open Source Lab on Sustainable Mobility

The Open Source Lab on Sustainable Mobility, a project by German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), is a think tank on open source mobility under the patronage of the Volkswagen Sustainability Council, based on a collaborative network-driven approach. The purpose of the Open Source Lab is to build up a platform to enable interdisciplinary research and a broad dialogue on sustainable mobility and open source potentials by involving various relevant stakeholder groups.

Contact: Julia Ebert (julia.ebert@dfki.de)

Feeding Berlin - The challenge of food waste!

A-team - Creating Solutions for PachaMama

Currys & Daal, to heal the world. Of course in Vegan, Bio and Fair Trade quality. We are cook collective organizing events / dinners to unite the human family. What more can unify than food, music and theatre!?? 50 % of our net Profit supports the PachaMama Family movement.

Contact: Arun Sunder Raj (a.sunderraj@gmail.com)

Open Source Circular Economy e.V.

The Open Source Circular Economy Community promotes open source methodology for circular economy solutions by connecting innovative projects on an international platform and during yearly local hackathon. We identify, formulate and collect the core challenges of the future and encourage everyone to take part in their own way to find, share and adapt suitable solutions that work where they are.
One of the challenges we work on is how to build a sustainable circular food system. In Berlin we are connected to the Food Council and many other activists throughout the city.

Contact: Maike Majewski

Big Berlin Food Coop

We are creating a collaborative supermarket in Berlin, based on the successful model of Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop and its 17.000 members. Our goal: empower the Berlin community, support our farmers, and make healthy food accessible for all by means of co-ownership and participatory governance. Our motto: "Quality food at low prices through cooperation”. Herein is also planned to work with different existing channels to avoid food waste and help people in need.

Contact: Robin Angele (bbfoodcoop@gmail.com)

Bike Tour / Transport Transition: Challenges, Chances and Solutions

ReApp - Sustainability game app

The ReApp is an app that addresses the most common issues regarding a sustainable lifestyle:
- Global issues are too abstract
- Feeling that one's actions are not changing anything at all
- Too much things one could do towards a more sustainable lifestyle—decision fatigue which leads to doing nothing at all
- Not knowing where to start

We will have a workshop at OSCEdays developing ideas and prototypes of an app addressing these issues.

Contact: Enrico (contact@enricoscherlies.com)

The Sustainable Side of Technology

The Planet Friendly Web Guide

Hi there,

I'm creating a freely available guide for people who build digital products and websites, to help them:

a) work out the environmental impact they have when creating and using them
b) see how to reduce or zero out this negative impact, and make them work better in the process

I'm doing this because right now, about 7% of the web runs on renewable power, which means more than 90% percent is runs on fossil fuels when it doesn't need to. This translates to the tech sector having a carbon footprint greater than Poland, and about the same as aviation as a sector. I'm looking for people to interview, and people to help create the guide - it's an open source project.

Contact: Chris Adams (chris@productscience.co.uk)


Faer makes sustainable fashion easily available to everyone

Contact: Petar Djekic (petar@wearefaer.com)

Plan A

Plan A is the first fundraising and action platform in the fight against climate change. We empower environmental NGOs by fundraising for them, while engaging our donors and audience through educational content and events.

Contact: Lubomila Jordanova

Urban Biodiversity - Is Berlin green enough for you?

freelance sustainability communications consultant looking for opportunities (pro bono!)

I am working to establish a freelance sustainability communications consultancy and am looking for my first clients/references.
If your project aims to make the world a better place, let me help you communicate that in the best possible way.
As I am only at the start of my journey and need to establish myself, I will work with my first clients for free!

Contact: Lisa Schregel (elizaveta.schregel@gmail.com)

Green Walls

The easiest way to grow a steady supply of fresh microgreens in your home! Can be fully automated, looks great, and doesn't take much space.

Contact: Martin Vavrovic (martin.vavrovic@gmail.com)

Facade Brew

FACADE BREW provides innovative solutions for the maintenance and the sustained utilisation of crops from vertical greening

Contact: Swantje Reuter & Philipp Schmal

Minimalism: A lifestyle to save the planet? (Valentines Special)

DYCLE - Diaper Cycle

Invitation to the Design Thinking Hackathons #2 - Building the plastic-free diaper machine!
DYCLE is a diaper service that helps eco-minded parents with small babies, who want to recycle and avoid the waste of diapers by offering 100% biobased diapers. The used diapers will be turned into rich soil, ready to plant fruit trees. (www.dycle.org)
Our goal for this year is to build low-tech machinery that will enable local communities to produce compostable diaper inlays from local resources. This design thinking hackathon will be one step towards that goal. We will make prototypes from cardboard, paper and found things to imagine and understand the whole assembly line.

on 25. February 2018, from 13-18h
at the Zollgarage of the former Tempelhof airport (Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6, 12101 Berlin)

The workshop is open for everyone. If you are interested in not only using your hands for good but also learning design thinking process together in a team, do not miss!

Contact: Ayumi Matsuzaka and Christian Schloh (hello@dycle.org)


WAYKS is a new Berlin-based brand designing versatile and contemporary travel gear. Founded by two siblings co-designing in Germany and Australia, WAYKS creates equipment for urban explorers and outdoor adventurers. Versatility, sophisticated design and sustainability are the core concept principles. Our first product, the WAYKS ONE, is a modular travel backpack that easily transforms into a smaller everyday pack, camera bag or cooler bag. It is made from mainly recycled materials and produced by a Fair Wear Foundation certified manufacturer. The backpack will launch through a Crowdfunding campaign.

Contact: Fabian Stein

Isle of Ruby

Isle of Ruby is a Ruby conference, open to all technologists, that wants to start a discussion about the consequences of the things we create and how we create them.
Our focus is on the interrelationship between programming and the ethical, political, and social aspects of software and encourage reflexion, discussion, thinking, and action on topics such as: the potential impact of programming and how it can be harnessed for societal change, ethical aspects of software development, working for entities other than private companies (NGOs, government) and the impact said work can have, combining code and social aspect.
It will take place in Exeter, UK on April 13-15. Tickets are on sale and we're looking for sponsors.

Contact: Fanny (fanny@isleofruby.org)


Grover is a fresh alternative to owning things – making technology accessible to everyone, by enabling people to subscribe to tech products monthly instead of buying them. Through a unique subscription program with no hidden fees or contracts, Grover grants unlimited access to the latest tech products, activating a necessary alternative to purchasing in the nothing-owned era. Shifting from many under-utilized assets to a new way of interacting with things, transforms the linear way of consumption into a circular one, maximizing value and minimizing waste.
We buy the newest tech, so you don't have to.

Contact: Milena Leszkowicz

Sustainable Advertising: Can Marketing Improve our Society?

Developing an app to mitigate high crime rate and public transport delays in Kampala Uganda

Criminal acts such as rape, murder, and theft are some of the growing “society traumas” as clearly elaborated in the Uganda 2016 Crime and Safety report. This normally happens when walking back home on the lonely dark streets of Kampala, the capital of Uganda where a bigger percentage of the working population walk back home in the surrounding suburban areas. This has seen some resorting to leaving work early before dark which leads to underperformances and low productivity. Those who can afford late night taxis that are relatively cheaper, wait till late to leave work, this draws on family time and to an extent contributing to family breakages.
The app aims at bringing pedestrians who are taking the same directions together. Pedestrians would be able to keep track of the convenient time intervals when fellow pedestrians are taking their routes of interest to and from work. Moving together in groups is believed to boost security as each individual looks out for the other.
The public transport system in Kampala does not depend on timetables, but rather on whether a commuter bus is full or not. This has seen passengers spending a lot of productive time waiting in the commuter buses to fill up. The app would allow passengers to keep track of commuter buses heading in their direction of interest, parking points and the number of passengers left to fill up without being in the bus physically.

Contact: Tonny Kukeera (tonnykukeera@gmail.com)


A social enterprise providing a one stop solution to bring people and cultures together, reducing unemployment, hunger and food wastage in the process.

Contact: Victor Olawuwo

Flying Roasters

Flying Roasters is passionate about quality, acting in solidarity and sustainability. Working only with small- and medium-sized democratically organized cooperatives. Flying Roasters teams up with other coffee roasteries in Europe to form Roasters United in order to purchase green coffee together, share the import costs, and share knowledge.

Contact: Nadine (nadine@flyingroasters.de)

Bike Citizens

We are Bike Citizens and we want to get more people cycling. To reach that goal we have the full package. It started with Finn, our universal smartphone holder that attaches every phone to every bike, in a simple and clever way. Now more than 80.000 people in cities worldwide use their smartphones to track their everyday cycles with our Bike Citizens App. With more than one million journeys and six billion kilometres tracked our users actively help create better conditions for cycling in their city, as we use the cycling data to evaluate, simulate and monitor bike traffic. With sharing our knowledge we help cities become more bicycle-friendly, thus creating a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable city.

Contact: Charlotte Keuer


We make the recycling of old and broken electronic devices easy, attractive and sustainable by linking it with digital advertising.

Contact: Konstantin Seufert (konstantin.seufert@binee.com)

Freelance consultant in environmental policy seeking opportunities

I'm a freelance consultant in environmental economics and policy here in Berlin with a lot of quantitative research experience, strong writing and speaking experience, most recently in clean transportation. I also have first-hand experience life cycle analysis, which would be valuable for circular economy-related topics. I am seeking more freelance or full time opportunities in Berlin, so please let me know if you have any ideas.

Contact: Chelsea B (chelsea.baldino@gmail.com)

ReThink Festival by ReFashionReFood

ReFashionReFood is an open-source platform and annual festival promoting sustainability in food and fashion. Our mission is to find and spread DIY micro-solutions for macro-problems. We are artists, activists, researchers, journalists, students, and designers who offer workshops, performances, dinners, parties, and discussions on DIY culture, upcycling, waste cooking, craftivism, organic farming, and intercultural exchange. Using fun and manageable tools, we educate and empower local communities to seek interdisciplinary, collaborative methods of addressing global environmental and social imbalances. The annual ReThink Festival happens in Berlin, Prinzessinnengärten.

Contact: Runa Juhanisdotter (info@refashionrefood.org)

Sustainable Cities: How the Circular Economy transforms Berlin

Life Extension Design

A book written like a design thinking workshop to redesign your life for better health and longevity

Contact: Tassilo Weber (tassilo@reju.tech)


Even your old worn out sock can have a global impact.

Contact: Ela Roth (ela@BunnyMission.org)

COMSA - Café Organico Marcala

COMSA is a certified, biodynamic, self-sustainable Fairtrade Coffee Cooperative, an international school and a social movement in Marcala, Honduras. Through the philosophy "La Finca Humana" they are not only cultivating their farms, but their minds, and are planting a new society in Honduras.

Contact: Runa Juhanisdotter

Berlin Food Directory

An online map and directory of the resources and locations in Berlin promoting local food, urban farming and sustainable initiatives.
I'd like to pitch the project to make people aware of it, our new website is currently being built and I'd like to invite people to reach out to me so they can be included in the directory. The Berlin food directory is a non-profit, independent and volunteer-based resource to help the visibility of the people and places involved in this field in Berlin.

Contact: Maia Beyrouti

DFKI (German Institute for Artificial Intelligence)

Our team of four researchers is implementing a simulator for micro-grids, or small to medium sized electric-powered grids. In particular, I am developing a web-app based simulator that allows the user to experiment with different components, such as PV, Wind turbines and Heat Pumps. The simulation prepares the ideal ecological and environmental pairing based on weather data, price signals and matrix solvers. We are hoping to gather interest in the project and demo in the months to come ! Thanks 🙂

Contact: lucia berger (lucia.berger@mail.mcgill.ca)

Sustainability Drinks - Global Sharing Week Special

Raw Re.Fashion

Raw Re.Fashion is an upcoming online marketplace entirely dedicated to the upcycling fashion sector. Through it, unique designers meet people that share the passion for clothes with a special design, connecting with customers who respect our planet.

Contact: Idil Serifoglu, Lara Della Gaspera (n.idil.serifoglu@gmail.com)

Jaspr Trades

Jaspr lets you trade your talents and unneeded things, cash-free, with the people around you. We offer free smartphone apps that make it easy to find great trades with great people. We have 6.000 traders on the platform now trading everything from babysitting to smartphones to piano lessons to language tandems, usually without money involved.

Contact: Noel Wigdor


Do-It-Yourself and pay-only-what-you-use! The problem of DIY is, we buy tools, that we don't use afterwards anymore and we always buy to much supplies. ichweiss.berlin is the start of DIY on a pay-only-what-you-use basis. At the moment for painting at home only. You want to paint your walls at home? One call, one delivery and when the job is done, anything left gets collected. Real value for your money, no waste and a top service. And delivery is done by bike! Because we love bikes!

Contact: Malte Prien (info@ichweiss.berlin)

imWandel e.V.

Our organisation, imWandel e.V., speaks up for an ecological and social transformation of the society.
„There are already plenty of alternatives“. We want to make them more visible and help all the actors of these transitions to get together.
We are providing map-based and regional-focused online magazines, where we daily publish videos and articles about the local initiatives and their projects.
Our websites are also community-generated. Everyone can contribute to our local mapping or share an upcoming event.

We are now active in Berlin and Brandenburg. Have a look on berlin.imwandel.net and brandenburg.imwandel.net !

Contact: Alexandre Schütze (berlin@imwandel.net)

Our Bodies, Our Planet: Sustainability and Health


SKUUPU makes well-balanced vegetable chips that satisfy and nourish your needs. We make organic, healthy, natural vegetable chips that are low in fat and sodium (these two substances are the ones that make you feel unwell after eating a bag of crisps). SKUUPU chips are made of regional and seasonal vegetables. By using regional produce, we also support local and sustainable farmers, and are able to offer more environmentally friendly products to our customers. We prove that healthy snacks can be delicious and that delicious snacks can be healthy!

Contact: Rie Weber

Challenges of Social Design - From Concept to Product

SenseCamp 2017 "Citizens in action" powered by MakeSense

SenseCamp is an unconference for social entrepreneurship and innovation. The highly interactive and community-based event brings together the global MakeSense network and regional ecosystems to boost action and engagement.

SenseCamp is the place to discover and exchange new ideas, actionable insights and success/failure stories. And in the evening, you can shake out some moves at the infamous NonSense party!

Launched in 2012 in Berlin, SenseCamps have happened all over the world, from São Paulo to Singapore, and have featured speakers such as Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Liam Black, Charles Eisenstein, Rodrigo Baggio, Günter Faltin and many more

Contact: Silvia Schiaroli (berlin@makesense.org)


I am a Masters student of HTW - Berlin and recently I started working with Rootpacker. Our organization is an academy for Intercultural Innovation, Design Thinking and Human Values. In view of the effects of growing digitization of life and globalization, Leadership and Management Cultures are changing. In the future, more and more people will develop new products, strategies or services in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams. Creativity, intuition and the capacity for interaction with people from other cultures are skills that people will need for a successful professional career. We train these skills during our seminars.

Contact: Fahad Galib Ani

Conscious Consumerism – How to become a hero

Enpact (Startup Mentoring)

We empower entrepreneurs: through international mentoring programmes to creating co-working spaces and delegation trips to explore new ecosystems to a platform that measures the startup friendliness of cities in developing economies.

We now have 3 international mentoring programmes that take place both in Berlin & in one of the following regions: the Middle East, North, East and West Africa.

The programme allows for both vertical and horizontal exchange, requires no equity and provides a lifelong community with other entrepreneurs in Europe & the Middle East and West and East Africa, as well as experienced mentors who are serial entrepreneurs themselves.

Contact: Brandi Zavala (Bz@enpact.org)

VEBU - vegetarian union in Germany

Largest representation of interests for vegetarians and vegans in Germany.

V-Label: seal of quality for vegetarian and vegan products

Consulting: support for companies

Test community: product tests before product launch

Contact: Lisa Hapke (lisa.hapke@vebu.de)

Minimizing our ecological footprint

My pitch is based on the Earth Overshoot Day. This is a great campaign by the non profit initiative the Global Footptint Network. Earth Overshoot Day is the day we have consumed the entire ecological resources of the world to the fullest for a given year. Each year, our ecological debt toward the word increases. In other world, this day comes earlier each year. In 2000, this day was in early October. In 2016 it took place on August 8. Bottom line: today humanity uses the equivalent of 1.6 Earths to support our consumption and absorb our waste

Contact: Hadar Badt (dudlyh@gmail.com)


HALM is the first German made - Glass Straw - reusable - sustainable and it even look sexy!

We at HALM believe that the answer to 3bn straws used every day is not convince people to not use a straw but actually present them a positive alternative.
We promised to be a plastic free product in the full value chain and came across a lot of boundaries.
Apart from that we will invest minimum 50% of all profits into 3 areas: Clean Up - Education - Resarch

We are about to launch in May 2017.

Contact: Sebastian Müller

SoLaWi Waldgarten (CSA)

SoLaWi Waldgarten is a community-supported agriculture project with a farmer in Brandenburg and around 90 members in Berlin and Potsdam. Members get vegetables, fruits and other groceries once a week which they can pick up at designated pick-up points in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Potsdam. Depending on the time of year the amount is more than enough for 1-2 people. The farmer produces only to a high quality (Demeter certified) and applies sustainable methods to land and plants like soil conservation and permaculture. With the CSA model the farmer gets a fixed and fair price. A few times a year members go out to the farm and help planting and harvesting, which is a lot of fun and a great experience.

Join our community, get delicious food and even help to produce it yourself! There are free places for the new season starting in May.

Contact: James Topping (info@solawi-waldgarten.de)

Finance & Sustainability: Green your Money

co2ntreebute: climate saver app

No time to act against climate change? This app tells you, what you can do right now and save time and money at the same time. Just invest a few minutes and you can be certain, if everyone in this world is as diligent as you, we can be sure to stay below 2°C global warming.

Contact: David (info@greensoeasy.com)


*Greener long distance traveling - with eco-ships*

If bigger passenger ships (not cruising boats) would cross the Atlantic again, this can be a more sustainable means of transport than aviation

Contact: Felix Baller (baller.felix@gmail.com)

Making the Planetary Boundaries Concept Work (International Conference on teh Practical Implications for Society, Economy and Politics)

The conference is hosted by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Society (BMUB), the German Environment Agency (UBA) and the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). It is organized by adelphi, the Potsdam Institute for Climate-Impact Research and the Stockholm Environment Institute and supported by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen.

We want to announce the conference, but at the same time we are still looking for speakers for an side event on Planetary Boundaries and the Financial Sector.

Contact: Feres Mezghani

Fair Finance Guide Germany

The Fair Finance Guide Germany assesses responsible investment policies of banks operating in Germany. This means that we analyse in how far banks look at human rights and environmental protection when they decide to finance or invest in a company. This is complemented by research into the banks acutal practices, as many banks continue to finance or invest in companies that violate human rights and environmental standards. The initiative is led by Facing Finance and supported by Rank a Brand and Südwind.

Contact: Sarah Guhr (sarah.guhr@facing-finance.org)


Oikocredit is a worldwide cooperative that promotes sustainable development by providing loans, capital and capacity building support to microfinance institutions, cooperatives, fair trade organizations, small to medium enterprises and renewable energy projects. As a social investor, Oikocredit’s work is guided by the principle of empowering people to improve their livelihoods.

Contact: pitch by: Maike Majewski, contact person: Karl Hildebrandt (khildebrandt@oikocredit.de)

Elbenower Pflanzenkäse

We plan to solve plant based cheese once and for all, by using molecular biology to find suitable ingredients.
The resulting product will be cheaper, healthier and more eco-friendly than its animal based counterpart.

Contact: Karim Hamdi (karim@elbenower.com)

ecoligo GmbH

We are a solar utility that provides low cost electricity to businesses in emerging markets. We finance the projects through our crowd investing platforms, closing the finance gap that prevents these projects from being realised. Private investors can get returns of 5-8% on their investments over 5 years, while also saving CO2 emissions and supporting the local economy in the project country.

Contact: Emma Patmore (emma.patmore@ecoligo.com)


We are a profitable photo-voltaic startup in Lithuania. We do sell solar systems. Now we're working on new projects: Solar Mobile station, and Africa rural electrification.

Contact: Tomas Zalnora (tomas@greenup.lt)

Sustainability Drinks - Transforming our World!? The Sustainable Development Goals


#RealMatterz is a profiling portrait series featuring the minds and brands driving sustainable fashion forward. Use #RealMatterz to tell you own story - it really matterz ?! The intention is to shine a bright light on those who are making a difference, making the topic more attractive and accessible for viewers. By profiling the portrayed You can see how IT IS POSSIBLE to work sustainably.

Contact: Cherie Birkner (Me@cheriebirkner.com)


At Protellus we are working with the human centred method Design Thinking. Educated at the HPI d-school, we now want to link Design Thinking more to sustainability topics. Our philosophy is Human centred design thinking, that keeps also focus on the needs of the next generation.

Contact: Kilian Karg

Perspective Daily

Perspective Daily is an online-medium for solutions-oriented journalism. We write long-reads on topics with a focus towards a just and equitable future for all. Implicit, we advocate to making the SDGs work in the day-to-day context. We show connections instead of writing about singular issues. We offer discussion fora in which our members and authors engage in constructive dialogue. We are financed exclusively by our members, ad-free without an investor or publishing house. An annual membership costs 60 Euro, get in touch for 14-day "Probe-codes" that allow you full access to the archive after the pitch. I carry some with me 🙂

Contact: Torsten (torsten@perspective-daily.de)

SoLaWi Waldgarten (CSA)

SoLaWi Waldgarten is a community-supported agriculture project with a farmer in Brandenburg and around 90 members in Berlin and Potsdam. Members get vegetables, fruits and other groceries once a week which they can pick up at designated pick-up points in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Potsdam. Depending on the time of year the amount is more than enough for 1-2 people. The farmer produces only to a high quality (Demeter certified) and applies sustainable methods to land and plants like soil conservation and permaculture. With the CSA model the farmer gets a fixed and fair price. A few times a year members go out to the farm and help planting and harvesting, which is a lot of fun and a great experience.

Join our community, get delicious food and even help to produce it yourself! There are free places for the new season starting in May.

Contact: James Topping (info@solawi-waldgarten.de)

Ellery Studio

Ellery Studio ist ein Unternehmensberatung für Kreative Strategie. Zusammen mit unseren Kunden entwickeln wir Visionen, Strategien und Konzepte für Produkte, Dienstleistungen und das gesellschaftliche Zusammenleben. Dabei nutzen wir das analytische Handwerkszeug von Consultants und kombinieren es mit der professionellen Kreativität von Designern und Künstlern.

Contact: Katrina Günther (hello@ellerystudio.com)

Data> Urban Scaling & Sustainable Cities, PIK Potsdam

(Master Thesis) I am looking for someone who can share their expertise on data availability towards the indicators for SDG 11, Sustainable Cities.

Contact: Vamsidhar Akuraju (Vakuraju@gmail.com)


On LoveWaves conscious citizens and businesses focussed on sustainability form an alliance for a fair and green future. We don't wait for states and take matters in our own hands to turn more and more advertising budgets into donations to fight poverty, to protect the environment and to serve public good. At the same time we make innovative solutions more visible so that they become more known and will be copied more often locally. LoveWaves hasn't launched yet but we built a private Beta that is to 95% ready to be used (please don't forward the URL, thank you!).

Contact: Oliver Schneider

ecoligo GmbH

ecoligo is a solar utility that provides clean, low cost solar energy to businesses in developing countries. We finance the solar projects through our crowdinvesting platform.

Contact: Emma Patmore (emma.patmore@ecoligo.com)

eHealth Africa

Since 2009, eHealth Africa has brought new approaches to the development of data-driven technology solutions. Our projects aim at strengthening healthcare in West Africa. We supported the Ebola response in 2014/2015, and are helping the Nigerian government to eradicate polio. We also design and implement software solutions in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Contact: Natalya Nepomnyashcha

Sustainability Drinks - Blockchain in the Energy Transition ft. dena (German Energy Agency)

Blockchain Technology in Fashion Value Chain

Last year we helped scale the worlds most powerful solutions for refugee integration to Germany. Now we want to apply this experience to tech-solutions that increase transparency in our industry. Since we consider ourselves to be a Fashion- and a Tech-Company in equal parts we want to learn if there is a special role for us in this.

Blockchain technology has the potential to be a gamechanger for sustainable fashion. That's what everybody says. But is there evidence for this assumption? It is time to help solutions grow faster than the challenges do so we want to team up with people that bring complementary skills and comparable passion to the table and have some collective impact.

Contact: Dennis Hoenig-Ohnsorg

On Purpose Berlin

On Purpose transistions high potentials into a career with purpose. You are a company or organization at the frontier of sustainable energy innovation or clean tech? You are looking for highly skilled and motivated intrapreneurs to scale your business? You are a high potentiual aiming to combine business with purpose? Come talk to us!

Contact: Mark T. Fliegauf - Co-Founder & Managing Director (mark@onpurpose.de.com)

Sustainability Drinks - How can we make sustainable fashion accessible?

Berlin Herb Studio

The Berlin Herb Studio fosters a creative herbcraft community by maintaining certified production workspaces and providing education and materials.

Contact: Anne Merrill


HEMPMADE BERLIN is an impact focussed fashion label. We do accessoires out of hemp.
Working with sustainable, wild growing plants, woman collaboratives in the Himalayan Mountains and agricultural activists, who aim to crate possibilities for remote areas to use those their local fibers in order to empower themselves and generate own income.

Contact: Lukas Hinkelmann

One Dress One Year

I am currently doing a project where I wear the same dress for a year. I would love to talk to people about how to promote slow fashion and the possible business opportunities this might bring.

Contact: Jessica (mail@jessicaboehme.com)


sneep is a student network focusing on economics and ethics in practice. Organized in local groups we are planning and realizing regional projects (e.g. Sustainable Fashion show at the university, school projects, series of lectures...)

Contact: Milena Stolz (milena.stolz@sneep.info)

Sustainability Drinks - Energy & Sector Coupling

Renewable Jet Fuel and Chemicals Based on Bio-Ethanol


Facilitate the scale-up necessary to convert bio-derived ethanol into n-butanol (PRMARY PROPOSED TECHNOLOGY) and n-butanol based renewable jet fuel and chemicals ready for end-user markets (SECONDARY CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY).

The focus (70-80%) will be on the “Like-for-Like” area, i.e. straight renewable replacements for petroleum-derived materials (i.e., n-butanol, butanal, butadiene, 2-ethylhexanol & Jet Fuel etc.), allowing the ‘greening’ of existing product lines as a marketing tool and moving towards an advantageous cost curve as compared to petroleum-derived chemicals in the longer term, while ameliorating security of supply issues in the German context re. diminishing fossil crude oil refinery activity and monetizing the industry.

The remaining effort (20-30%) will focus on “Functional Replacement and Improvement” of existing chemicals/products with renewable ones, offering improvements such as increased performance, lower costs, new markets and better security of supply (i.e., ethers, acetate, acrylate, solvents, plasticizers etc.).

This proposal is beneficial to the investor and other end-users such as refineries and chemicals companies.

Contact: Dr Kapil S Lokare

Cleanweb Berlin

I run a tech focussed sustainability meetup, and on Tuesday 22nd Nov, we we're running the latest in series of regular meetups, Cleanweb Hardware.

We have a couple of Berlin tech startups sharing their experiences building hardware businesses to a) be financially viable, and b) be as economically sustainable as possible, and we're following up with networking, and some moederated workshop exercises.

We're looking for people with an interest in the sector, as well as people with some prior experience to help map out where in a product's life cycle you can make interventions to improve the sustainability of the service or connected product you are working on, and identify what has worked previously.

Refreshments and snacks are provided at the venue, Boston Consulting Group Digital Venture's Berlin offices, and it woudl be lovely to seesome of you there.



Contact: Chris Adams (cleanweb.berlin@gmail.com)

European Energy Students Network

We envision a sustainable tomorrow and strive to achieve it by fostering connections among students and young professionals in Europe who are studying or working in energy-related domains with energy companies, policy-makers, academia and NGOs to build a community of future energy leaders who can see and solve the energy challenge from various vantage points.
We organize events & opportunities for nurturing these connections.

Contact: Kedar Deshpande (kedar.deshpande1@rediff.com)

Uniper Global Commodities SE.

Commodity trading at its excellence. We develop innovative strategies for energy commodity trading based on market insights.

Contact: Andreas Schroeder

Pilotprogramm Einsparzähler -

This funding programme, set up by the German Ministry for Economics, supports projects to offer energy efficiency services based on smart energy consumption measuring. Sector coupling, open source and demand management offer attractive funding bonuses.

The project office, which I represent, is contracted to advise the administration of the programme, run communication activities (such as this quickpitch) and give advice to potential recipients of the grant.

Contact: Filip Milojkovic (filip.milojkovic@co2online.de)

Cleantech Invest

Cleantech Invest has the purpose to improve our ecosystems trough investing in and accelerating companies that solve global challenges. We have a portfolio of 15 Nordic and German companies in energy- and resource efficiency and decentralised energy. The companies are currently growing fast, some of them on the German market but also in China, USA and Africa.

Contact: Alexander Lidgren (bigge@cleantechinvest.com)

InnoEnergy - the European early stage investor in sustainable energy

InnoEnergy is the European instutional early stage investor in innovation in sustainable energy. We are running today the European largest accelera for seed/pre-seed ventures in the field of sustainable energy with more than 150 startups from all over Europe. We have 6 locations all over Europe with a large business network into the energy industry from our 27 international shareholders, our project partners from industry and from utilities and from our InnoEnergy Venture Capital Community.
In Germany we offer early stage entrepreneurs, intraprenuers and innovators support with financial investments, services and networks. In Berlin we also have a small co-working-space for our startups at the EUREF Campus.

Contact: Dirk Bessau

New Mobility World 2017 (evenson GmbH)

The mobility of the future will be quite different: Digitization – automation, networking, and new mobility-based services – emissions-free drive systems, urbanization, and rising mobility are all driving this change. In order to bring together the decision makers and designers of these innovations, the New Mobility World provides a platform that builds bridges between global companies, established manufacturers and suppliers, startups, representatives from the world of politics, society and public office, IT and technology businesses, as well as the media and the general public. The New Mobility World got off to a brilliant start in 2015.

Contact: David Hanke

Sustainability Drinks - Designing for Sustainability

goood mobile

Goood as a social mobile service provider enables you to support a nonprofit organisation of your choice. 10% of your monthly package are donated to the charity. 100% arrive.

goood is an easy and free fundraising tool for all charities and NPO.
Are you interested? Ask our partnership manager for more information!

Contact: Elisabeth (elisabeth.schwerdtfeger@goood.de)


Ari.farm is fun crowdfarming platform that helps you invest in livestock and make a difference. We are taking care of your animals in Somalia, where we are making a real social impact by creating jobs and insurance for nomads and farmers to make their lives more sustainable.

Contact: Jimale (jimale@ari.farm)

Technische Universität Berlin

Pasion for clean energy, Solar + Storage

Contact: Jeferson Marin (jeferson.marin.r@gmail.com)

OSCEdays OpenLabs

The OSCEdays Open Labs are a three week long open participatory online & offline process to develop and implement practical actions to research and create a circular city in cities across the globe. The OSCEdays Open Labs are a collaboration of the Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEdays) and the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF), an open online festival on the Circular Economy happening from November 7-25, 2016 for the 3rd time.

We have created an easy format to accomplish clear results and connect people around the world for productive collaboration: Contributors and Teams can write “ACTION Recipes” for different specific topics, and participants from different cities can implement these ACTIONS in local events happening in the last week of the Labs.

Contact: Frans Prins (frans@fransprins.com)

MealSaver - The app to save food from being wasted

With the MealSaver app, consumers are able to purchase food from restaurants that would have gone to waste shortly before closing. This enables the reduction of food waste, the access to high quality food for users and an ultimate experience linked to unknown discovery in a city.

Contact: Leo Sakaguchi (leo@mealsaver.de)

EcoCrowd (Deutsche Umweltstiftung)

EcoCrowd is the first German crowdfunding platform for sustainable projects only.
If you crowdfund the right way, it's far more than just fundraising: It is your chance to get public, build a community and test the market all together. You wonder whether crowdfunding is a good choice for you? Want to brainstorm creative ideas for a possible crowdfunding campaign? Or get more details on our upcoming event, EcoCrowd Convention 2016, on November 26th? I am happy to catch up with you at Sustainability Drinks.

Contact: Saskia Letz (saskia.letz@deutscheumweltstiftung.de)

Institut für Betriebliche Bildungsforschung IBBF

Qualifications for rising competences are keys to influence the ongoing developments, especially in the companies, during work processes. These qualifications should include smart concepts like C2C. At IBBF we developed a modern qualification format and we are looking for people and organisations with C2C training competences.

Contact: Christine Schmidt (christine.schmidt@institut-bbf.de)

Sustainability Panel -“Future Cities: How can a sharing culture make Berlin more socially sustainable?”

World usability day berlin

Looking for speakers, sponsorship and people who are interested in the world usability day Berlin, November 10th. Annual event about UX/usability - this year about sustainability:
Usability & UX für ecologically sustainable products & services
• Usability & UX in an increasingly digitized & connected society
• Establishing sustainable Usability & UX practices in organizations

Contact: Edna (Edna.Kropp@wud-berlin.de)

Fresh Square | The Most Natural and Easiest Home Garden

Fresh Square is a French company dedicated to making the 100% natural smart indoor gardening solution.

Co-founded by two French girls, Lou and Solene, the firm’s vision is to bring back the natural way of producing and consuming organic food to the city, reconnecting urban dwellers to their own food. To push the vision even further, Fresh Square aims at building a lower carbon society based on circular economy and contribute to a more resilient world.

Fresh Square is also the first product of the firm. It is the first and only autonomous indoor garden offering a full solution with a soil based system in the market. The product is made out of sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable materials. The soil is purely made out of organic waste, such as compost and manure. All being non-GMO and pesticides-free, the seeds Fresh Square provides cover a wide range of varieties including some rare species like chocolate mint or Thai basil.

Empowering people to easily grow food at home, and thus be self-sufficient in fresh veggies and herbs all year round is what Fresh Square is all about.

Contact: Lou BUGEIA

Sustainable Mobility: low impact ways to get from A to B in urban areas

Bike expedition from Berlin to Copenhagen

Contact: Clement Mas (clementm.mas@gmail.com)

Samocat Sharing

Contact: Polina Mikhaylova (polina@samocat.fr)


Contact: Tony Günther (tony@mellowboards.com)

"Bellona" NGO

Employment / Co-Opportunities

Contact: Dina Salieva (dina.salieva@gmail.com)

Looking for a Business Developer @ubitricity

Contact: presented by Ulrike Hinz, applications to: Dr. Niklas Schirmer (bewerbung@ubitricity.com)


03.06.2016 @ Hermannplatz

Contact: Carolin Kruse (netzwerk@fahrradfreundliches-neukoelln.de)

Education for Sustainable Development: How to improve sustainable measures through education and coaching

Motivating Economical Topics

Motivation to economical topics in universities and schools by taking the example of the textile industry

Contact: Jan Müller (jan.mueller85@yahoo.de)

Pukika Experiment

Contact: Juan Vargas (donjuanvargas@gmail.com)

The Succession of Education in the Environment

Restoration Aggriculture Development

Contact: Jeffrey (jcaston33@gmail.com)

Mindfulness Training

Contact: Sofia Borodulina (sofia@herenowyou.com)


Freelance Opportunities

Contact: Chelsea Baldino (chelsea.baldino@gmail.com)


good food habbits

Contact: Akis Liokatis (matialucrezia@gmail.com)

Green Me Berlin

green hotspots in Berlin

Contact: Claudi (claudi@greenmeberlin.com)

Open Tech Summit

Open Tech Summit Berlin
May 5th at Kalkscheune Berlin

Contact: Mario Behling

Sustainability Drinks #16 - Fast Fashion: How can sustainable fashion keep up with trends

Clean Cloths Campaign

get involved with the clean cloths campaign berlin.

Contact: Helen (helen@hlgxdesign.com)


share new labels for Rabenmütter in our trend guide.

Contact: Martiene (mail@rabenmuetterberlin.com)


get involved with a sustainable social business.

Contact: Amna (yamin.amna@gmail.com)

Sustainable Communication

meet people and get involved.

Contact: Franziska (franziska.seitz11@gmail.com)

Sustainability Drinks #14 - Fair Chocolate & Coffee: Good for your soul and the world

Slow Food Youth

We feed the planet

Contact: Janika (slowfoodyouth.de)

Heads Up

Sustainable Lifestyle

Contact: Florinn & Co (heads-up.de)

Bali Star

Sustainable Raw Cacao

Contact: Jens (jens.kaufmann@global-interface.de)


Looking for sustainable job

Contact: Chelsea (chelsea.baldin@gmail.com)


Bio snacks for companies

Contact: Mizar (mizarfernandez@gmail.com)

Better Today

Research and Innovation

Contact: Philipp (philipp@bettertoday.de)

Sustainability Drinks #13 - Plastic Free Living



Contact: Felix Möller (fm@upperbike.com)

Sustainability Drinks #12 - Sustainable Travel: Pack for low impact


Vegan and yoga tours

Contact: Maria Berdugo (maria@elskamor.com)


Portioned cooking ingredients with env.-friendly packaging

Contact: Bojana Nikolic (bojana@pack2cook.de)

kimshi App

Sust. Tourism in Cambodia

Contact: Alexis Lefevre (alexis.lefevre@b2b.kimshiapp.com)

Berlin Bounce'n'Ballet

Connecting the dancing scene in Berlin

Contact: Silke Blessing (silke.blessing@googlemail.com)

Sustainability Drinks #11 - Sustainability Badges: Green Washing or Trustworthy?

Open Source Circular Economy

Participate in the OSCE community

Contact: Alice (grindhammer.audrey.alice@gmail.com)

Unternehmensgrün und TTIP

Contact: Julia (juliathrul@gmail.com)


Work with betabook.

Contact: Gabriel Shalom (contact@betabook.com)

Palestinian-Israeli Bags

Palestinian-Israeli Bags needs a partner!

Contact: Noa Provizor (noa@provizordesign.com)

Sustainability Database

Help to build a database of sustainable information!

Contact: Brio (briomusic@gmail.com)

Sustainability Drinks #10 - Social Sustainability in Berlin: reconnect with your neighbourhood

die komplizen

Contact: David (david@die-komplizen.org)

Code for Germany and OK Lab

Contact: Fiona Krakenbürger (fiona.krakenbuerger@okfn.de)


Contact: foodsharing

Gut Gelaufen

Contact: n/a

Auf halber Treppe

Contact: aufhalbertreppe (info@aufhalbertreppe.de)

The Food Assembly

Contact: Yatan Blumenthal (yatan@foodassembly.de)

himmelbeet- community garden in wedding

Contact: Meike Stark (p@himmelbeet.de)


Contact: wirnachbarn (info@wirnachbarn.com)

Agora collective

Contact: taina (taina@agoracollective.org)

Bürger energie Berlin

Contact: info (info@buerger-energie-berlin.de)


Contact: Presse (presse@kaputt.de)


Contact: Claudia Steinwegs (claudia.steinwegs@startnext.com)

Think 2 Share

Contact: n/a


Contact: Vincent Lauenstein (vincent.lauenstein@proboneo.de)

Tauschring Wedding

Contact: christina (tauschring-wedding@hotmail.com)


Contact: Julia Würtz (julia.wuertz@joblinge.de)


Contact: n/a (change@betterplace.org)


Contact: n/a (cguene@kreditunion.coop)

Aktas KKH e.V.

Contact: n/a (office@kkh-ev.de)

repair café

Contact: Elisa Garrote Gasch (repaircafe@kunst-stoffe-berlin.de)

Forum Kreuzberg

Contact: n/a (office@forumkreuzberg.de)

Berlin Street Music 4 Refugees

Contact: Stefanie Tendler (stefanie.tendler@googlemail.com)


Contact: Stephanie Frost ( info@vostel.de)

Neuköllner Talente

Contact: Jörn Nickel (joern.nickel@neukoellner-talente.de)

Let's grow food and flowers in the heart of Berlin !


Contact: Olivier Lefebvre

Open Civic Society


Contact: Tiago Pita (tiagopita@gmail.com)

Sustainability Drinks #9 - Sustainable Fashion

Refugee Support

Repairing Old Computers and Linux

Contact: Jared (jared.m.pool@googlemail.com)


ReFash is a photocentric marketplace for vintage and secondhand fashion.Êwww.refash.net

Contact: Milena (milena@refash.net)

WARN !, COP 21

Help bring people together

Contact: Marie (marie_valentin@hotmail.fr)


Starting Brand

Contact: John Thelin (jet@supertrevligt.com)


Create Awareness

Contact: Jazmin (jazminmedrano@gmail.com)

Sustainable Fashion consumption

Symposium of TU Berlin

Contact: Samira (iran.samira@gmail.com)

Research Project on change of fashion consume

Online platform for swapping clothes and exchange ideas

Contact: Mike (meikeleuser@posteo.de)


Online network for Berlin's fashion industry

Contact: Olaf


Network for sustainable textiles

Contact: Drohn Inka (kontact@archid.de)


Shop for organic fashion

Contact: Christina (christina.wille@loveco-shop.de)

Organic Yoga clothing

Buy yoga cloths that are ethical

Contact: Bridget Bisset (bridget.bisset@gmail.com)

Super sustainable & healthy food

Contact: Yana Plewa

Clean Cloths Campaign and Textile Design

Contact: Helen Gimber (helen@hlgxdesign.com)

Sustainability Drinks #8 - Hygiene and Sanitation


Contact: Kevin Kuhn (Kevin.Kuhn@ecotoiletten.de