We love to experiment with GreenBuzz. We organized more than 60 events and workshops in the past few years. Still, we are exploring new ways to bring our community together and favour collaboration. On Tuesday we held the first session of our new CONNECT project, an initiative developed by Marco (GreenBuzz, Berlin) and Carrie (CO-Happening!, Paris). The objective of this new program is to support sustainability professionals and leaders in achieving their missions.

Giving Support and Receiving Support

The first session was limited to 10 participants who came to share their challenges and to support others. Actually, more applicants signed up and wanted to be mentors without having a specific challenge in mind. However, during the brainstorming process at our introductory round, the table was surprisingly turned! It seemed that, while discussing other people’s challenges, the supposed mentors realized that they too have their own! Some of the challenges seemed to be shared by many people: how to have the impact in your work, how to develop new sustainable project ideas, how to find partners or clients to put their business on the next level.

A Diverse Backgrounds of Professionals

The session was a round table, in which everyone had 10-15 minutes to discuss their own mission and challenges while the group would help them to brainstorm and find solutions. A lot of ideas were flying around. The mix of backgrounds and talents at the table, spanning from tech to art to management, made the sessions intense and fast-paced.

Something many participants had in common is that they may have a rough idea of what they want to achieve, but they need to clarify their requirements along the way. Apart from the practical challenges, some of us simply need to find a safe space to get our ideas out there, keep accountable, and to better define our next steps.

After this first fantastic session, as a community, we’ve decided to keep organizing monthly, mixing up the groups of people that will attend. We are really excited that some of the new faces were eager to help us organizing the next session and to make the project grow! The CONNECT program gives us the possibility to follow and support our community outside of the events we organize and help them creating the impact they wish for.

Join Us Next Month

The next session will be held on the 18th of June. If you are interested, don’t forget to sign up and join! Our next call to action is: come to us with what you would like to achieve as an individual with a mission.

Click here to know more and to apply!

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