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Feeding Berlin #5: How to be a Climavore

September 1, 2021 @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

** COVID-19 regulations will be followed. Please bring a mask & proof of a negative Covid-19 test no older than 24hrs. There will be various hygiene stations. Make sure to register on Eventbrite to reserve your ticket – only registered attendees will be allowed in at the venue. **

About this Event

As consumers, we make choices every day about the type of food we eat and as such, about the type of food system we support.

Our current food system is not sustainable. Food production alone makes up somewhere between 20 to 30 % of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and this number is getting higher every year. While many of these issues are systemic, there are still ways that eaters – especially those of us living in cities – can contribute to a more resilient food system.

You have probably heard by now that we should “eat less meat, eat local, seasonal, organic”. Beyond the vegan steak from your local bio shop, there are other ways of rethinking our diets. From age-old practices like fermentation and foraging of wild species to novel food made approachable, we will explore in this #FeedingBerlin event some practical ways in which we can alter our diets in order to limit our impact on the environment.

The event will be a mix of discussions and hands-on “learning stations”. Come and join us for a taste of climate-conscious food!

*** Make sure to register on Eventbrite to reserve your ticket — only those with tickets will be allowed in at the venue. ***

Special thanks to Edible Alchemy for hosting us!!


18:00 Doors open & Networking

18:30 Welcome & introductions from GreenBuzz

18:40 Short inputs from each speaker

19:00 Wandering workshops: time to wander around and talk with speakers one-on-one at their station to learn more about what they do and how you can do it yourself. There will also be the opportunity to try some yummy climavore-esque treats!

20:00 Check in and discussion + Quick Pitches

20:30 Networking & Drinks

21:00 End



Read more about our speakers

Bacteria Barista / Founder of Edible Alchemy Alexis Goertz: Fermentation - enjoying the harvest all year round

Alexis Goertz, who is the founder of ‘Edible Alchemy’, knows how to turn food in to gold: the secret is called fermentation! In the time of disinfectants, antibiotics and canned food, we forgot about these perfectly probiotic cultures, passed on from generation to generation, the valuable vitamins and nutrients they hold and of course their amazing tastes! Alexis takes the scary concept of ‘bacteria, yeast and mold’ and makes the science behind these seemingly scary topics not only understandable, but fun and extremely delicious. Alexis has taken the ‘Art of Fermentation’ to different countries to explore the meaning of these traditional techniques, share her knowledge and trade bacterial cultures in order to share these unique tastes and practices with others wherever she goes.

About Edible Alchemy: In an antibacterial age, fermentation is quickly becoming a lost art. Edible Alchemy is here to reclaim it as an energy-efficient food preservation technique which has deep roots in our cultural histories. We are captivated and inspired by the way fermented foods engage our senses and enhance whole food eating. Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory is the umbrella of all of our active social platforms that empower members to share knowledge and feedback with us and one another. The aim: to promote healthy lifestyles, food skills and creative experimentation through fermentation and community sharing. We offer on and off-line workshops, talks, Bacteria Bars, special dinners, coaching and foraging tours.

Organization website: https://ediblealchemy.co/

About the talk: Be prepared to get up close and personal with good bacterias and yeasts. We will have our Microbial Circus Freaks on display to see, touch, smell and taste! Edible Alchemy will talk about how fermentation is really turning simple foods into GOLD and how eating regionale and seasonally is easy, delicious, very nutritious and CO2 neutral!

Tash English

Tash is a herbalist, wildcrafter, cook, writer and artist. She spends her time teaching people how to take control of their own health and the health of our plant through various workshops and projects.

About AvantGardenLife: AvantGardenLife is an educational and creative project concentrating on the practice of sustainable wildcrafting, foraging, regional herbalism and nature protection. Our main aim is to bring herbalism and food back to its traditional grass root methods through sustainable, circular and zero-waste practices. We bring people together, through collaborating and working with others, as a team or alone. We hold educational and creative workshops, seminars, create art pieces and interactive art installations.

Organization website: https://www.avantgardenlife.com/

Co-founder Oriante Bertrand: Discover local and seasonal food

Co-founder of Benoo, an innovative, vegetarian recipe solution with local products delivered to doors to eat sustainably. Our vision is clear: make the world a place of conscious food: a place with better products for you and our planet. Before founding Benoo I worked as Business developer for a training company to empower people in leadership programs in Europe and Africa. Today I am lucky to be part of different communities such as the Do school, Green tech alliance, Project together and Les nouvelles voix.

About Benoo: Benoo is an innovative, vegetarian recipe solution with local products delivered to doors to eat sustainably.

Organization website: https://www.benoo.co

About the talk: Two years ago, my business partner Benedicte and I had a revelation. The food system is not designed to feed us but only to make money. No transparency on the quality or origin of the products, complicated supply chains and a ton of unnecessary plastic.... We have created the benoo box:a recipe box with all the locally sourced ingredients to cook with and to reconnect people with local and seasonal food. It is tasty, inspiring and easy. We're doing good for our health and mother nature! I believe conscious food is the new form of consumption: it’s about being comfortable with your value, and having access to food products that are better for you and our planet. we know, we are just at the beginning and we cannot do it alone. changing an industry requires true heroines and heroes who consciously live in the new food system every day and lead the way. our vision: make the world a place of conscious food. a place where food reunites with the planet and health. Are you in?

Nina Carryer: On food waste and food appreciation - how to be RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH

project coordinator and educator/trainer BNE (Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung - education for sustainable development

About RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V.: Our non-profit organization RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH is campaigning for more appreciation of food’s value and sustainable food consumption. We educate people about climate-friendly nutrition through community projects, interactive activities and individualized workshops. We educate people of all ages to raise awareness about conscientious ways of cooking and handling food. In our workshops, we actively prevent food waste by working with “rescued” surplus food donated from organic supermarkets, giving imperfect produce, like crooked carrots and brown bananas, a chance to become a delicious, creative meal.

About the talk: introducing our NGO, our work and vision



There will be a quickpitch session towards the end of the event which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute.

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HEALabel is the #1 ethical consumer resource in 2021. It is a website and app to help us all buy better. Quickly see with transparency how food, fabrics, fashion and brands collectively impact Health + Environment + Animals + Laborers. Use the app, guides, lists and database to get quick info on purchases. Is it healthy, sustainable, vegan, fair trade? HEALabel makes it easy to eat responsibly, buy better, go green, shop cruelty free and lead a conscious, compassionate lifestyle.

Contact: Adriane Marie (info@healabel.com)

UrbanFarm DE

UrbanFarm DE is a local start up in Berlin, with the mission of transforming traditional agricultural practices to sustainability-oriented indoor farming methods. As UrbanFarm, to minimize the environmental impact, we have developed a model that aims to use minimum amount of water and resource to grow different types of greens for four seasons. We produce different types of microgreens & herbs for restaurants, cafes, hotels to enrich their menu. All of our products are grown organically using only soil and water locally in Berlin. UrbanFarm DE is supported by Startup Incubator Berlin.

Contact: Ecem Mumcu (urbanfarmde@gmail.com)
Samie Blasingame


September 1, 2021
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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