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Feeding Berlin #6 – Building a Local Food Economy

April 19, 2023 @ 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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What is a local food system and what will it take to build one that serves everyone along the entire food value chain?

Feeding Berlin #6 aims to bring together different actors in the food and agriculture scene – eaters, home cooks, farmers, gardeners, chefs, academic, food collectives, etc. – to explore all of the amazing food projects happening in the city already, and to discuss, debate and dream together what it will take to build a stronger, more resilient local food system in the long run. What’s working well, what’s missing, who needs to be involved, what do we need to prioritize?

Join us to hear from people already working to reimagine food in the city and see how you can get involved, too! A short panel will be integrated with questions from and discussions with the audience, followed by quickpitches from various other initiatives active in building a local food system in Berlin.


>>> Special thanks to the team at MOOS Space for hosting us!!

*** DONATIONS are being collected for Feuerbohne Bioladenkollektiv. See their GoFundMe here.***

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Panel & Speakers

Sophia Edejer

Sophia was born in the Philippines, raised in Switzerland and moved to Berlin 4.5 years ago, where she quickly became involved in vegan activism. This was an overall frustrating experience, leaving her with the desire to engage in a more local, direct and connected way. Enter, the Torhaus and the KochKollektiv, which she has been a part of since its founding, 2.5 years ago, and has been its coordinator for almost 2 years, helping it to grow after a year of inactivity during the start of the pandemic. Aside from the KochKollektiv, Sophia recently graduated with an M.Sc. in Integrated Natural Resource Management and is aiming to kickstart her career in nature restoration/rewilding in the near future. In general, she is passionate about all things related to sustainability.

About Torhaus e.V. KochKollektiv: The KochKollektiv is a group of food lovers and activists operating as a subgroup of Torhaus e.V., a self-organised community space situated in the former gatehouse of the Tempelhof airport. We are also an official Lebensmittelpunkt (food hub): A place where people come together to address topics around food, sustainability and community, with the support of the Ernährungsrat Berlin. In practice, we hold donation-based events, workshops and community meals, often in collaboration with local initiatives and mainly using foodsaved and vegan ingredients.

Beatrice Walthall

Beatrice Walthall is a Sociologist and Human Geographer with a curious mind. She is also a nature loving person dedicated to fostering food system change on many levels – as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member, co-founder of the Food Policy Council Berlin and researcher. Within her research, she is particularly interested in the formation processes of collective action and food system governance aiming at a food system transformation towards more resilience. While researching food system dynamics for 10 years, she has followed and integrated many perspectives, including systems thinking, placed-based and civic-driven approaches, food sovereignty, agroecology and storytelling.

About Leinbiz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research: Mission of ZALF is to deliver solutions for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture – together with society. As a contribution to overcoming global challenges such as climate change, food security, biodiversity conservation and resource scarcity, we develop and design crop systems, integrated in their landscape contexts, that combine food security with sustainability. Therefore we process complex landscape data with a unique set of experimental methods, stakeholder engagement as well as socio-ecological approaches.

Eldad Arnon

An entrepreneur and product leader with a great deal of experience in startups, managing and scaling teams, and overseeing company transitions from seed to IPO. Prior to founding tupu, Eldad was leading product & tech teams in fast-growth companies (Delivery Hero, Infarm) and holds +8 years of experience in food tech. He founded tupu with the vision to change the way we produce food and create a carbon-neutral food production system.

About Tupu: We cultivate yummy mushrooms right around the corner. Using our unique way of cultivation, we are able to harvest environmentally friendly products while contributing to carbon neutral food production.

Organization website: https://heytupu.com

Jonna Meyer-Spasche

As a child, Jonna Meyer-Spasche dipped her hands in the grain sacks at Bohlsener Mühle. The fascination for grains has remained, and so she is one of the initiators of KornLabor, a network and experimental space for people who want to get more out of grain and legumes. In addition, she works for Bohlsener Mühle in political Berlin to make the food system more sustainable.⁣

About KornLabor: We want more diversity in the grain economy - in the fields, in processing, and on the plate. Grains and legumes are mostly interchangeable mass products today and only a few varieties are used for human food. But we believe that we need more diversity - for taste and health, but also for biodiversity and resilience in the fields, especially against climate change. To this end, we want to set up a network in which all those involved can exchange ideas and experience and in which we can collaborate on experiments. We are committed to enabling smaller-scale processing in the Berlin/Brandenburg area so that bakeries or other processing companies - and ultimately consumers! - can get special grains or legumes from the region. https://die-gemeinschaft.net/unsere-mitglieder-jonna-meyer-spasche/

Organization website: https://www.kornlabor.de/

Samie Blasingame

Samie Blasingame (she/her) is a social justice facilitator with a background in environmental policy, intercultural studies, and creative communications. She regularly curates, hosts and facilitates events on topics related to sustainability, environmental justice, anti-racist decolonization, and ecosystem mapping. She is the Creative Director of Food in my Kiez, sits on the board of Greenbuzz Berlin with who she runs the #FeedingBerlin series, and organises with the Berlin-based climate and environmental justice collective, Black Earth.Her work and political ethos revolves around community building and collective imaginations toward a just and resilient future.


Organization website: https://foodinmykiez.com/


Event Flow

19:00 Doors

19:30 Welcome + Panel / Discussion

20:30 Quickpitches

20:45 Drinks + Networking

22:00 Close



There will be a quickpitch session towards the end of the event which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute.

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Quickpitches of this event


SIRPLUS is a Berlin based impact startup fighting against food waste in Germany.
We bring imperfect and excess food back into the circulation by offering it for sale in our online shop. Directly working with 700 producers and wholesalers, we are able to save valuable food that is perfectly edible but can't be sold for all sorts of reasons.
Our goal is to make the topic of food waste mainstream and encourage our society, politics and business to rethink. Together with our customers and partners, we make an important contribution to sustainable consumption and climate protection!

Contact: Marlene Winkler (marlene.winkler@sirplus.de)


Foodjustice is an educational project, dealing with the worldwide nutrition transition, sustainable diets and Planetary Health. We aim to raise awareness for the advantages a planetary healthy diet brings for human health, climate, biodiversity and soils.

Contact: Dinah Stratenwerth (stratenwerth@blue21.de)

The Global Bean project

Discover our EU- and global network for promoting the cultivation of legumes in the gardens and their use in the kitchen!

Contact: Lisa Hoffmann (Bean@2000m2.eu)


aloti-farm is a bio, BIPoC and queer led permaculture farm in Brandenburg. It's goal is to provide marginalized communities in Berlin and Brandenburg with healthy vegetables and to create a safer space for us to connect with the land.

Contact: aloti-farm (aloti-farm@posteo.net)
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April 19, 2023
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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GreenBuzz Berlin e.V.


MOOS Space
Moosdorfstraße 7-9
Berlin, Berlin 12435
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