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Feeding Berlin #2: Challenging the industrial food system

June 13, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The food industry has brought us an abundance of food, from cheap strawberries and tomatoes on shelf all year round to innovative highly processed food that have become a major part of our diets. To the point that we have sometime lost the sense of season, of the origin of our food, of its connection to a field and a farmer. Local, seasonal, non-processed food is shown as more sustainable than the current industrial alternative. But is this the only option? How are new technologies and new economic models challenging the food industry? How can we reconnect with our food?



Anna Beros: FoodCoop Neukölln as a Coop Blueprint

New Zealand born Australian Stand-Up Comedian, Kindergarten Assistant and English Teacher in Berlin.

About FoodCoop Neukölln: We are an association of private households that collectively procure local and organic food or fair trade food from the grower or wholesaler and distribute it amongst ourselves at the purchase price. The resulting work is split. Necessary decisions are taken at the plenum, which takes place approximately every six weeks. In doing so, we feel committed to the principle of consensus.

Organization website: https://foodcoop.box-im-netz.de/

About the talk: The FoodCoop Neukölln: What, Why and How.

Founder Olga Graf: Food Craftmanship and the New Food Economy

Olga is a graduated product and service designer and Co-Founder of Food Kompanions. She has been working in the food industry since 2012 and was hence able to gather many insights across the food value chain. She is an initiator, project manager and team coach, working with nature and human-centered innovation in combination with agile values ​​and principles. In addition to her role at Food Kompanions, she is a board member of the Good Textiles Foundation, chair of the Butcher's Manifesto and a strategic partner at J2C.

About Food Kompanions: Food Kompanions brings the food focus to the innovation agency J2C - Journey 2 Creation. It is our mission to create innovative solutions for better food along the entire supply chain. In order to create lasting value and meaningful impact, we focus on the needs of humans and nature alike. We conduct field and trend research as a basis for the development of future scenarios, which in turn lead to innovation projects. We work according to agile principles, using Design Thinking, Service Design, Lean UX and Scrum. Each project is tailor-made according to the needs of our partners and implemented in co-creation. With our expertise in the food sector and in agile methods we aim to contribute to a diverse network of sustainable food ecosystems around the world .

Organization website: https://www.foodkompanions.com/

About the talk: In her talk „craftsmanship in the digital age“ Olga will be speaking about the relevance of bringing tradition and innovation together in the digital era. She will be giving a glimpse into the New Food Economy, it’s drivers and a group that is often being left out when we talk about innovation and digitization: small scale farmers, craftsmen and -women.


Interested in how our food system is changing?

Come and join the discussion in our next food event Feeding Berlin!

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19:00 Doors open

19:30 Introduction

19:40 Anna Beros from Neukölln Food CoOp

20:00 Olga Graf from Food Kompanions  

20:20 Quickpitches / News you can use

20:40 Networking

22:00 End



There will be a quickpitch session after the presentations which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute. Sign up below to get your information on our website!

Quickpitches of this event

FCL - Food Concept Lab GmbH

We are a consultancy company that works with sustainable and ethical brands and products. We partner with local producers to support them in a completely sustainable way, by making it easier to tell their stories, enhance their supply chain transparency, and by advising them on best practices. We even have our own sustainable chocolate brand, Chérie Chocolat, as well as our own sustainable coffee line, where our focus is on direct-trade and the avoidance of expensive labels for producers. Our current projects include consulting with Ben & Jerry’s to move the brand in a more social and sustainable direction, by enhancing their social missions, developing more vegan and low-impact options, and establishing a plastic-free and zero-waste philosophy. We invite brands to be a part of our innovative multimedia project, connecting analog and digital, that lets customers visualize a product's sustainable story. To be a part of this, talk to us about joining our sustainable brand/producer network!

Contact: Sarah Budke (sb@foodcl.com)

Wildkräuter und essbare Pflanzen (auch in der Stadt)

Als Wildkräuterfrau inspiriere ich Menschen in ihrer eigenen Umgebung essbare Wildpflanzen zu finden und ins tägliche Menü einzubinden. Wildpflanzen sind nahrhaft, nachhaltig und gratis und halten uns gesund und vital. Als Ergänzung zu meinen Kräuterwanderungen mache ich Rezepthefte mit Wildkräuterrezepten, um gleich loslegen und wild kochen zu können. GO WILD!

Contact: Tanja Hilgers (info@tanjahilgers.nl)

Dutch Harvest hemp tea

We make tea from the 'extra' stream of the multifunctional Fiber hemp (Hanf) plant. We work together with a farmer who uses the fibres, we 'save' the leaves and the flowers. We dry it to become a great, mild tasting and slightly sweet herbal tea which even has some anti-stress and pain-relieving benefit. We grow our hemp organically and work with closely with a social enterprise who packages the tea.
The tea is in over 400 shops in the Netherlands and now, we're moving to Berlin! It would be great to share our story with you and I'd love to hear your tips. Of course, we will serve some hemp tea to all attendees!

Contact: Esther Molenwijk (esther@dutchharvest.org)

The Real Junk Food Project Berlin

The Real Junk Food Project Berlin is part of a global network tackling food waste.

We help reducing food waste by turning surplus fresh food into delicious delicatessen and healthy meals that are provided to the community and various projects and events.

Contact: Carlotta Denis (realjunkfoodberlin@yahoo.com)

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