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Rethinking tourism: How can we make traveling more sustainable?

September 3, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Almost everyone loves traveling. New technologies and freedom of movement have made traveling easier, faster and cheaper. International tourist arrivals have increased from 25 million globally in 1950 to 1.32 billion in 2017 and nowadays, travel and tourism represents one of the biggest industries worldwide.

Such a rapid industry growth always comes with consequences for our planet. Impacts caused by uncontrollable tourism on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems are more apparent than ever.

How can we achieve the right balance between growth and sustainability? How can we reduce the damage we cause to our ecosystem while traveling? How can the industry implement a responsible planning to survive itself but also to change the habits of the traveler?

Are you interested in how you can contribute to a more sustainable way of traveling? Come and join the discussion in our event to question the status quo, find answers and propose solutions!

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Santeri Lehtonen: How to create conscious travel solutions

Santeri is a field-tested Ecologist currently working with Impact Entrepreneurship, LCA and Climate Action, with a special interest in Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable Travel and Communication. He facilitates workshops in Climate Impact Forecast and Sustainable Business, mostly for startups and SMEs. His favourite child however is his low-carbon travel planning project: vojo (https://www.vojo.me/). Santeri will also be joining 'Sail-to-the-COP' (https://www.sailtothecop.com/), travelling via sea and land to COP25 in Chile, as a representative of Climate-KIC, hosting the Atlantic Ocean Climathon onboard the sailboat Regina Maris.

About vojo: vojo is a tool empowering climate-conscious travellers to plan low-carbon ground travel across Europe. The platform delivers user-friendly route planning and visualizes the impact of travel choices by calculating the carbon footprints.

Organization website: https://www.vojo.me/

About the talk: The climate crisis looms above our heads - yet aviation, one of the worst polluting sectors - continues to grow with no signs of slowing down, or no techno-fixes in sight to suddenly decarbonise the industry. How can we build solutions in the fight against a powerful enemy, and seemingly unstoppable growth? What are the physical, societal, behavioural and political barriers we are confronted with? vojo is experimenting with empowering citizens, but does the buck really stop at the individual?

Susana Ceron Baumann: What does sustainable travel mean?

Voluntary social commitment & working in the tourism industry are my two great passions! I have been working in tourism since 2000 & hold a degree in Tourism Business Administration (BA). Since 2016 I work for www.venturatravel.org as the CSR Manager. Besides that I am the Coordinator of the www.VSocialFoundation.org I am very happy, because I can finally live out my two great passions in one job! Over the years I have been involved in various international social projects, including a soup kitchen for the poor in New York City, homeless relief work in Berlin, etc. Since 2013 I have been coordinating a small project in Tamil Nadu India to provide access to education for 35 casteless girls. In 2015 I founded one of the largest voluntary initiatives in refugee aid in Berlin www.GermanNow.de

About Ventura TRAVEL: Ventura TRAVEL is a global network of tourism experts, who create, launch and support highly specialized, individually branded travel services.

Organization website: https://www.venturatravel.org/

About the talk: I will give insights into how sustainable travel can be designed using the example of Ventura TRAVEL. I also want to give food for thought so that the audience will hopefully consider sustainable forms of travel when booking their next trip. As an ambassador for sustainable travel, I am happy to infect others with my passion!



19:00 Doors
19:30 Introduction
19:40 Speakers Presentations & Open Discussion
20:40 Quickpitches / News you can use
21:00 Networking
22:00 End



There will be a quickpitch session after the presentations which gives you the opportunity to present your project/organisation/company/idea in 1 minute. Sign up below to get your information on our website!

Quickpitches of this event

Green cultural mobility

As a writer and translator, I would like to encourage the German literary/translation community to explore more sustainable models of cultural mobility (i.e. cultural exchange, reading tours, research trips, residencies etc.). I hope to begin by organizing a conference or workshop and have a contact at one of Berlin's main literature/translation institutions who is interested in the issue. Right now I'm hoping to meet people from other parts of the cultural scene who are engaged with or interested in the issue, as well as people from the sustainability scene who could offer expertise.

Contact: Isabel Cole

Fuorivia Cultural Association - Experience walking tourism

FuoriVia Cultural Association was born in 2016 as a legacy of a decennial project (IUAV of Venice): its aims are to promote the philosophy of walking, rediscovering historical, natural and cultural routes, and thus promoting sustainable tourism in Europe and in Mediterranean countries.
Every year the association organises a walking experience of 2 weeks for a heterogeneous group of around 45 people. The added value lays in the connection established with the local communities and institutions, those who host our big group in public facilities and campsites; at the same time, we analyse maps and study socio-cultural relations in the area of interest.
Walking is a unique way of experiencing a territory: complete for all your senses, accessible to everybody and respectful of the environment.

Contact: Giulia Melilli (fuorivia@fuorivia.org)

Community clean ups with SANDEMANs NEW Europe

Over the past three years, in multiple destinations around Europe, we have been asking visitors to donate one hour of their time to helping us pick up litter in popular destinations such as Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Paris and Dublin. While we normally try to entice guests to join us by offering something like a tour, beer, picnic or similar, we are always delighted to see that for most guests, the motivating factor is giving back to these cities in a positive way. Hundreds of guests have now joined, and enjoyed, these events.

Contact: Stephanie Taylor-Carrillo (stephanie@neweuropetours.eu)

Gyding UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Gyding is an online platform where consumers can find sustainable products. In order to provide actually sustainable products Gyding evaluates the manufactures according to their level of sustainability. Only manufactures working with Gyding can offer their products on the platform.

Long-term we want to be able to tell every end-customer exactly what impact he has on the environment and the fellow humans. Consumers will get benefits if they are becoming more sustainable (they get a personal sustainability status). Additionally, we provide consumers with tips about how to become more sustainable.

Helping consumers to travel more sustainable and showing them the impact of their travel will play an important role.

Contact: Daniel Burmester (daniel.burmester@gyding.de)

196 Destinations

Sometime ago 196 Destinations was my consumer orientated travel startup. A bucket list, with flight data coming from Skyscanner. We had a thousand or so travellers registers. We ran out of runway & I had to return to work as a technology consultant!

Are we at a 'demand' level where we can make an impact on the world's travel vehicle choices?

Do people know enough about places within a 4 hour train journey vs an equivalent flight time? Do we have enough coach routes? How can we make it as enjoyable as possible? A chauffeur to the train station? Baggage handling? Certainly train restaurant carriages are enjoyable already and an advantage on flights.

Are rome2rio, omio, loco2 and even google maps search enough tools to do this journey? How do we make enough money to sustain a business of a group of a team of people? How can we persuade DB and Flix to offer affiliate fees? Or would you make money from just accomodation and destination activities?

Contact: Ian Moss (hello@ianmoss.com)

Eco Foot Print Free Travel

I have recently submitted my idea of Sustainable Tourism to "Entrepreneurship-Campus" for "The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition" which is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
My idea is to encourage & educate everyone to travel consciously, being respectful towards the environment. I also want to generate financial support to locals being ecological and economical through building a platform for sustainable travelling. You can read more details about the idea in the url .

Contact: Prajakta Alase (alase.prajakta@gmail.com)

Tourists' willingness to pay for sustainable tourism in Berlin

Thesis work on sustainable tourism in Berlin from two TU Berlin MSc Environmental Planning students. Our study asks tourists visiting Berlin how much of an increase to the existing City Tax they would be willing to pay if the funds were redistributed to environmental projects in the tourism sector. We propose grants for green certification of hotels, improved bike lanes and enhancement of natural areas as the projects to be implemented. Our

Contact: Jessica Weir (jess.a.weir@gmail.com)

Nachhaltiger leben in Berlin

With our instagram account "Nachhaltiger leben in Berlin" we reach more than 30.000 People in Berlin who are interested in sustainability. In the next months we want to establish a new weekly content series about sustainable traveling with the focus on how travel through europe with trains and night trains as an alternative to airplanes.

Contact: Jonas Wegener

Changemaker Tour Berlin

Changemaker Tour Berlin is a social enterprise eco-system tour which introduces participants to Berlin based solutions to local and global challenges. This CO2 neutral, zero waste and high impact tour inspires participants to create positive change in their own lives and empowers them with an understanding of the powerful steps we can take towards creating a more sustainable world.

Contact: Natalie Magee (natalie@byheartprojects.com)

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