International Mother Earth Day was established in 2009, by the General Assembly stating that “the Earth and its ecosystems are our home” and that “it is necessary to promote harmony with nature and the Earth.” The term Mother Earth is used because it “reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit”. This day also recognises a collective responsibility – Rio Declaration of 1992 – to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity, in other words to bring sustainable development into reality.

This year International Mother Earth Day is called Trees for the Earth. Organizers of Earth Day set up ambitious goal of planting 7.8 billion trees over the next five years, as Earth Day moves closer to its 50th anniversary.

Trees will be the first of five major goals organizers are undertaking in honor of the five-year countdown to our 50th anniversary. These initiatives will make a significant and measurable impact on the Earth and will serve as the foundation of a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for all.

Earth Day explains why it starts with trees:

  1. Trees help combat climate change.
  2. Trees help us breathe clean air.
  3. Trees help communities.

So plant a tree. Make a donation. Activate your friends and social networks.

“International Mother Earth Day is a chance to reaffirm our collective responsibility to promote harmony with nature at a time when our planet is under threat from climate change, unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and other man-made problems. When we threaten the planet, we undermine our only home – and our future survival. On this International Day, let us renew our pledges to honour and respect Mother Earth.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Message for the International Mother Earth Day 2013

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