The hack

Cup or cone? There is only one Green answer: Cone of course!

Why it is green

The brilliance of ice cream cone is not only that it tastes great, but that it is amazingly sustainable as well. How genius is a design by which you actually eat up the thing you are eating it from?! Have you ever done this with your plate, or a spoon, or an ice cream cup? Eating ice cream from the cone is zero waste lifestyle to the max. Unless you had plans for upcycling, or unless you are allergic to cones, there is really no excuse to choose the cup. Some people say that licking up the ice cream is also the most mindful way to go, as it takes longer than with a spoon and the sensation is greater.

LGH ice cream

Impact & Easiness

This hack is incredibly easy, especially with this great late summer weather! The impact per ice cream could be discussed, so I’d recommend to eat as many ice creams as you can to compensate impact with frequency.

Sustainability Score

Impact:     ⭐️
Easiness:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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