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We want to find 100 Sustainable Solutions to present them to you, our community. Our goal is to highlight interesting and innovative people, projects and companies that are working towards sustainability and to share the information and wisdom that is already out there. A special interest of the 100 Sustainable Solutions is to give you an opportunity to get involved with every one of the solutions.

In our initial six survey questions, we ask about purpose, impact, and challenges. We want to know where the organizations get their optimism from and how anyone can get involved, on board and in touch.

We are very happy to have SunCrafter on board as one of our first organizations and here are their answers.

Why does your organisation exist?

For almost 1 billion people worldwide and in many situations of our everyday-lives, sufficient access to clean electricity is lacking. At the same time, there is an exponentially increasing amount of solar panel waste, which turns into a threat to the global energy transition. In Europe, even functional solar panels are discarded, adding to the predicted solar waste crisis which is expected to exceed 80 million tons by 2050. SunCrafter tackles both problems, with one technological solution.

What impact do you have?

By applying our reconfiguration technology and substituting diesel generators with solar generators, SunCrafter is able to save around 0.3kg CO2/kWh. We’ve estimated that providing all currently unconnected and displaced persons with 200 million of our solar generators would yield a savings of 22 million tons CO2/annually and represents 3 million tons of solar panel repurposing that would have gone to waste. Several studies on the LCA of new and second lie PV panels have shown that extending the life-time of panels drops the environmental cost of solar significantly. 

Regarding the impact of our freshly developed product for urban areas we aim to support the mobility transition: The success of the e-mobility revolution depends to a large part on the rapid provision of charging points in public spaces. So far, no charging infrastructure exists on the level of micro e-Mobility, resulting in unsustainable and expensive charging processes of sharing fleets, and no charging points for private vehicles. A self-sufficient charging system would decrease CO2 emissions of the running mobility service by up to 50% while saving operational costs. There are also rarely any synergies with existing public transport services, therefore a last-mile integration would enhance the convenience and usage of sustainable transportation in general, to support the mobility transition. Further, we want to enhance the life-quality of urban areas, as the vehicles are often parked negligently at unfit places.

What are your main challenges?

Our main challenge is to adapt our solution to different evolving use-cases and market them with a profitable business model. With this in mind, our biggest challenge right now is to guide our start-up through the Corona crisis. Due to high financial losses in our former business area of event-supplier, we had to change our strategy quickly and adjust our focus on mobility and smart city solutions.

What gives you reason for optimism for the future?

We truly believe in our motto “Let’s power the world without consuming the earth” and we think this is mandatory for the collective greater good. Therefore, we as a team, stand 100% behind our approach, which gives us reason and motivation to look forward into a greener and more sustainable future.

We have curious readers, eager to get active. How can they get involved with your project?

We are currently looking for spaces to put our solution for urban areas into use. Our CityHubs are made from upcycled materials and can charge Light electric vehicles and mobile devices, provide Wifi, fuel Smart City IoT devices, and enable the collection of environmental data, thus addressing a variety of needs. Let’s talk if you wanna help us support the energy and mobility transition. By the way, we can provide a premium branding space on the stations.

How can they get in touch?

We are happy to receive your mail at or a call to 0178 8121699. We are also active on all common Social Media Platforms and appreciate new connections and followers.

Phone: 0178 8121699
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