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We want to find 100 Sustainable Solutions to present them to you, our community. Our goal is to highlight interesting and innovative people, projects and companies that are working towards sustainability and to share the information and wisdom that is already out there. A special interest of the 100 Sustainable Solutions is to give you an opportunity to get involved with every one of the solutions.

In our initial six survey questions, we ask about purpose, impact, and challenges. We want to know where the organizations get their optimism from and how anyone can get involved, on board and in touch.

We are very happy to have Dycle on board as one of our first organizations and here are their answers.

Why does your organisation exist?

We offer 100% compostable baby diaper inlays for eco-minded parents, recollect used one in neighbourhood, transform them into Terra Preta rich soil substrate, ready to plant fruit trees! We are passionate to create rich soil – to create new value instead of waste and to offer the wellbeing of parents, babies and our planet!

What impact do you have?

Out of one year of used diaper inlays we can create up to 1000 liters of Terra Preta soil substrate, which is a very fertile humus. With this Terra Preta soil we want to plant fruit trees and contribute to improve soil quality as well as storing CO2 in the soil. 

What are your main challenges?

Our main challenges are the creation of a community of families eager to be the first to use our regenerative and circular diaper system, to improve our diaper inlay and to bring our system to the market. 

What gives you reason for optimism for the future?

One small baby helps planting fruit trees at the age of one or two through our DYCLE system. This way, children will learn a different concept of sanitation and food production when they become an adult. This makes us excited.

We have curious readers, eager to get active. How can they get involved with your project?

Join the DYCLE team, participate with your small baby in our upcoming diaper activity „Garden soil instead of diaper waste“ and start your own Terra Preta kitchen waste warrior community with your neighbourhood friends.

How can they get in touch?

We are happy to receive your message at or via our facebook page.

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