Summer is coming! Make sure you think about your hydration. One of the simplest and most rewarding hacks in the list is: get yourself a reusable water bottle and start drinking tap water.

Why is drinking water from disposable plastic bottles anguy with bottles issue? After all, the plastic bottle can be reused and after the end of its lifecycle, the plastic itself can be flaked and recycled. Well, the plastic is not biodegradable – it will always stay on our planet. It is impacting the animal life, especially in the oceans. Moreover, it is estimated that actually 3 liters of water is used during the packaging process for 1 liter of bottled water. I have not even started about the environmental impact of the production and transportation of bottled water (read more about it here).

When I started thinking about this, I saw three solutions for the plastic bottle issue:

  • Reuse: We could build villages out of these plastic bottles. I am not making this up. In his amazing project, Robert Bezau creates Ecovillages out of plastic bottles.
  • Reduce: Or, humans could simply reduce their average usage of plastic bottles. This is something that YOU can start NOW!

In Berlin the reusable bottle is already a very common item to go in your bag. Next to your phone and wallet, you bring the bottle. There are plenty great and fashionable bottles for sale. So if you haven’t already, hurry up and get yourself one!

Here are my 6 suggestions for the coolest reusable water bottles:

  1. Fantastic and fancy glass bottle:
  2. Amazingly artistic designs and a great gift (also glass):
  3. This is the one I have, the top can be used as a drinking glass too:
  4. If you find most bottles too big, consider a softbottle:
  5. These beauties made of stainless steel are to be seen with
  6. Or would you go for this stylish alernative?

I am interested to know, which bottle do you prefer? Plastic, steel or glass? A sporty model or rather a hipster bottle that goes with your fashionable style?

I only started using the reusable water bottle about a year ago, because I got it as a present. What a life changer! Drinking enough water helps the brains to focus, and cleanses your body from within.  I take my Dopper everywhere, and fill it with tap water as soon as it is empty. Not only has it dramatically increased the amount of water that I drink on a day, it has also drastically decreased the amount of other unhealthy stuff that I drink. That coke is somehow much less attractive if you are actually not thirsty in the first place.

As a variation, I also like to add lime, mint, cucumber, or any other fruits to the water. In the meantime I have 2 bottles, so I can always bring a clean one. My bottles are made of plastic, which is light, easy to clean and it won’t break in a lifetime. Nonetheless discussions are rising about the plastic itself not being sustainable, and maybe even leaving harmful traces in the water. For that reason stainless steel and glass bottles are popular too.

We still have a lot to learn, and I am sure that the market will continue to develop improved bottles in even cooler designs!


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