How can a single person contribute to a more sustainable world? Doesn’t it feel complex to make changes in your life for a goal so big that you will never make a big difference on your own?

Let me start by spaper planeaying; I am no saint myself. Every time I bring my waste outside, I am amazed by the full bag that I was able to dispose again. In the supermarket, I have a decision making crisis when the organic apples are packed in plastic, and the non-organic are offered loose.  I have been reading and talking about modern world issues around waste, energy, mobility, fashion, food, and so much more. It made me concerned about our future, but it also made me feel powerless as a small individual to change anything.

Little Green Hacks are everyday, ready to implement behavioral changes that help you towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

I felt discouraged by the thousands steps that I – and the whole world – still had to take. Besides, I am used to certain comforts and do not want to sacrifice my quality of life. Yet, over the past year I started to change my own lifestyle step by step, just to see what I could do instead of what I could not do. I created little green hacks in my day-to-day life in order to experiment with this thought. For instance, I started taking a small reusable shopping bag and a water bottle wherever I went. It took me no effort to put it in my bag, and it majorly reduced the amount of paper and plastic bags I needed from the shops.

LGH handbag

I claim that it is ok to take changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle step by step. Just START!

Sharing my experiences and thoughts will hopefully be a trigger for more people to simply make a start. I believe that literally everyone can contribute to a more sustainable future. I especially challenge anyone who does not believe this, to try some of my quick and easy green hacks. Little Green Hacks are everyday behavioral changes around sustainability. Call it `sustainability for Dummies´: It should be so easy that there is actually no reason not to try.

Feeling excited? I will collect my own practicalideas and share them with you. So if you are interested in starting with small sustainable steps yourself, please follow my blog by entering your email address on the right side of this page.

Maybe you’ve got some Little Green Hacks already implemented in your lifestyle too? Let me know by leaving a reply to this post!

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