GreenBuzz Berlin is a sustainability focused platform and network run by volunteers with a mission to advocate for systemic change towards a greener future. We do this by connecting impact-driven organisations with the wider community and aim to provide both sides with the opportunity to learn and collaborate.

We started running networking events in 2014 to provide a stage for sustainable initiatives in Berlin to connect with a broad audience of interested individuals (professionals, consumers, and creators).

During the Corona crisis, we could not run our usual events. While we experimented with online formats, we also took time to redefine our vision, and eventually found something we were passionate about: Finding 100 Sustainable Solutions and presenting them to our community.

This initiative aims to highlight interesting and innovative people, projects, companies and NFPs that are working towards sustainability in one way or another. We want to share the information and wisdom that is already out there with you, our community.

But the real goal of 100 Sustainable Solutions is to give you an opportunity to get involved. We want our community to really feel like they are part of the sustainability movement, not just watching from the sidelines.  

In our initial six survey questions, we ask about purpose, impact, and challenges. We want to know where the organizations get their optimism from and how anyone can get involved, on board and in touch.

Over the course of the next months our goal is to publish the profiles of 100 Sustainable Solutions based on those questions. While we focus on Berlin, this project is not limited to any location.

If you would like to get involved, here are three things we would love you to do:

  • send us your top 3 organizations that should definitely be on the list!
    (Include company name, contact information and a sentence why they should be on the list)
  • Become a guest author!
    (Get in touch, pick 3 organizations from our list, get in touch and write the company profile)
  • Share the 100 Sustainable Solutions with your network!
    (Share this post and any of the company profiles widely in your network and help us make them known!)

Thanks for reading until the end!
This is for you and it will only be great with you!

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