This post is part of the on-going collaboration between S&S and GreenBuzz to promote increased dialogue between sustainability practitioners, academic experts, and the general public. GreenBuzz chapters in different cities coordinate on-the-ground events for a word-of-mouth driven community of professionals engaged in sustainability, bringing sustainability leaders together to connect with each other and to discuss specific sustainability topics. S&S will publish excerpts, summaries, and discussions generated by these events in order to facilitate on-going debate and make the information presented at these events available to a world-wide audience.

Formed in 2014, “GreenBuzz Berlin envisions a sustainable world where everybody thrives and contributes to a continuous and sustainable improvement of the status quo.” In line with the globally agreed upon United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2015, GreenBuzz further believes that “humans need to secure a planet that is worth living on – for all future generations to come.” […]

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This article by Ken Fullerton has been published at Sense & Sustainability, a sustainability network headquartered in Cambridge.

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