During our Finance the Change event, we collected questions from the public on Slido. As we did not have time to ask all of them during the Q&A, we decided to interview the speakers afterwards, asking your most voted questions!

Oliver from Tetrateam

Q: Do you consider nuclear energy unsustainable?

Yes. I know it has a low carbon footprint but it has a lot of other risks. It is very expensive, it takes a long time to build. It is a centralized technology that is mostly built either to produce weapons or to control the energy system. I do not think it’s sustainable.

Q: What does the journey of your customer look like?

There are two ways. We make a contract and set an honorary scheme. Based on the questions we can tell how many hours it would take to make a concept, discuss a solution, and make it work. And this would be the bill. The other way is that I make a concept and this includes a provision that I get when you sign the contract of the product with the stakeholders. In different cases one way or the other could be cheaper, for projects with more money the first would be more efficient, but if you have a small insurance it does not make so much sense to invest a lot of money.

Julia from Facing Finance

Q: Do you consider nuclear energy unsustainable?

Of course nuclear energy is unsustainable! If we do the ranking, the element is part of “energy production” and it would read something like “nuclear energy production”. It would be with coal and fossil fuels. It’s unacceptable. We don’t have this element with insurance but only with banks, at the moment.

Q: How do you get access to this sensitive information? Do they reveal them openly? How reliable are these data?

For the dirty profits reports, we get the data out of Thompson Reuter icon. It’s a commercial financial database to which we bought the access. As since it is not meant for NGOs to use but for brokers, banks and investors, I very much rely on the credibility of the data within it. I cannot guarantee that it is 100% of all their investments, but I think what is in there is correct. I really doubt that they would share wrong information there.

Inas from Tomorrowbank

Q: How do you make money, and where do you pay taxes?

We are a legal entity registered in Germany, and we pay taxes in Germany! We have different fees structures, we have the base accounts for free, but then we are adding premium subscriptions, on a monthly subscriptions base, and we also gonna offer investment programs later this year, that we are able to monetize and make profit from. And in the future also loans.

Q: How are you going to grow?

We grew from 0 to 20000 customers, and this year we want to multiply that growth. We believe that there is a huge market in germany, where you have in urban areas 20-30% of population voting for the Green party, 20-30% buying regularly bio and organic programs. I think there is a lot of room to grow. And I think we are being recommended a lot from our existing customers.

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