GreenBuzz Berlin has partnered with the Engaging Society for Sustainability to support their EU Sustainable Mobility campaign. For more information and to participate visit their website.

Mobility is an important part of our day to day lives and yet the global pandemic, which we face today, has brought to light the vulnerability of a system previously taken for granted. Alongside this health crisis, is another crisis significantly impacted by mobility: climate change. In the EU, the current mobility mix contributes to 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions, a major driver of our warming planet and the associated environmental and social problems.  

Therefore, we take this opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on the future of mobility, in the context of both Covid-19 and climate change: EU Sustainable Mobility is a project composed of a series of campaigns based around mobility, where we request young people to join us in making mobility more sustainable by responding to our survey with perceptions of their habits, beliefs, and intentions.  

All individuals aged 18 to 35 and living in the selected cities will have the opportunity to join the cause and all those who take part will be eligible to win 2 Interrail passes to travel around Europe!  

Join the campaign. The competition ends on 24 January, do not forget to participate!

Sabine Zimmermann
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