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Feeding Berlin #2 Challenging the Industrial Food System

Last night we had the second event of our Feeding Berlin food series called Challenging the Industrial Food System and had some truly inspiring insights from our speakers. 

Olga Graf, Co-Founder of Food Kompanions, inspired us with new ideas about the future of food. Pointing to key drivers like climate change and technology she discussed creative solutions companies are finding to fill the gap between food, craftsmanship, community and technology. She concluded her talk by underlining the importance of the role of food in keeping not only our mouths fed and bellies full but ensuring the longevity of cultural heritage. 

Olga’s talk was followed by Anna Beros from FoodCoop Neukölln, who shared the blueprint for their successful model. As an organisation that started in the 1980’s The FoodCoop Neukölln is a prime example of the plausibility of such systems and proof that it can and does work really well. Saving their members not only money but fostering a relationship between end-users and producers. 

After a bit of networking the night was concluded by a series of quick pitches from creative individuals sharing their sustainably driven endeavours: 

We had SuperCoop speaking about their collaborative community owned supermarket that empowers its members through transparent sourcing, management and clear labeling.

The Real Junk Food Project Berlin shared their mission to help reduce food waste by turning surplus fresh food into delicious delicatessen and healthy meals.

Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea was there to delight our taste buds with some delicious hemp tea, grown organically in the Netherlands and beautifully packaged in biodegradable packaging. 

Food Concept Lab spoke about their consulting work and collaborations with sustainable companies as well as their own sustainable products like coffee and chocolate.

And finally, Jacob from Bare Bones shared his enthusiasm for fermented food and calling out to fellow enthusiasts to partner and collaborate with him.

For more details about the event, speakers and quick pitches, you can visit our past events page here.

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