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Why does your organisation exist?

Impact Hub Berlin grew out of the idea for a permanent home for the city’s changemakers. We exist to empower those working on social innovation and sustainability, through our Community, Consultancy and Creative Space.

What impact do you have? (We are also curious to hear how you measure it.)

Great question! Impact is right there in our name and it’s our first thought each and every day. Our core impact is in supporting ever more people and organisations to create solutions to the world’s most wicked problems. Last year, despite the huge challenges, we supported 180 members, hosted events for 1,500 people, and connected, enabled and inspired 49 partner organisations and 130 social enterprises through our consultancy.

What are your main challenges? (Now and in the foreseeable future.)

Six years into our journey, our work has touched upon all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals. One challenge going into the coming year is learning to focus our efforts on those problems we can have the biggest impact on. Right now, we’re concentrating on growing holistic ecosystems in four core areas: circularity, inclusion, green tech and sustainable food – let us know if you want to collaborate! Of course, like all companies, we’re affected by Covid-19 at present, but have been overwhelmed by the support of our community as we worked to digitise many of our services in response.

What gives you reason for optimism for the future?

Even in the relatively short time we’ve existed, the trend has been that awareness at all levels – societal, political, and in business – of the need for rapid social and environmental progress in Berlin and around the world has increased hugely. We’re part of a global network of Impact Hubs that now number around 100. They give us our optimism – passionate people all across the globe determined to drive change.

We have curious readers, eager to get active. How can they get involved with your project?

We’re glad you asked! Anyone and everyone interested in joining our community can join us for a trial day at our co-working space by prior arrangement. Often, we’re looking for innovators in a specific field to apply to our programmes, so it’s best to sign up to our monthly newsletter via to be the first to know about those.

How can they get in touch?

Contact us anytime by email at, through our website, or via your favourite social media channel.

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