Plan A uses data to predict where and how climate change will hit the hardest and provide tailored diagnoses to organisations to help them become more sustainable. Like the sound of using data to create a greener future? Read on!

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Why does your organisation exist?

Plan A was born 3 years ago with the ambition of tackling climate change at its roots. We help businesses join the fight against climate change by supporting them on their sustainable transformation. Through a scientific, technological and educational approach, Plan A works with organizations to establish carbon tracking and reduction best practices at their core.

The private sector is the largest carbon emitter and also one with the most potential to adapt and change this. We provide companies and organisations with a software tool to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, and create a true culture of sustainability within their team.  

What impact do you have?

We follow our impact through platform indicators: the amount of data collected and regularity of the update, the amount of carbon emissions avoided since the beginning of a partnership, the number of actions taken for that reduction, and finally the amount of carbon offset. 

Another very important factor for us is to create an ecosystem and a growing collective space of best practices to have a larger compounded effect. We have organised more than 50 events, gathering more than 5,000 individuals, companies, scientists, public servants and organizations. We have also worked with 200 different climate change organizations and published 250 open articles, videos, playlists and educational content.  

Our ambition is to avoid a gigatonne (1,000.000.000 tonne) by 2025 across more than 200,000 large and small businesses, public institutions and commercial spaces.

What are your main challenges? (Now and in the foreseeable future.)

What the world is experiencing is new. We are all seeing the exponential growth of climate consciousness, not only among the youth but also for investors and bankers, home – and business owners through the rise of risk and of new opportunities.

This is a space for positive change, but also largely uncharted. It has taken more than a few years to debunk scepticism, engage a critical mass and have the necessary knowledge to see through greenwashing. We have the challenge as a company and society to create best practices, in accordance with the planetary boundaries, the available science and the technological and economic imperatives.

What gives you reason for optimism for the future?

It is easy to feel quite overwhelmed about the future, given the challenges presented by a rapidly changing climate. However, we are in a unique position because we are actively working on a solution that will support the key stakeholders in transitioning towards a sustainable way of operating.

Empowering the widespread uptake of sustainability and innovating the tools to do so makes looking at the wicked problem of climate change seem like just another challenge we can rise to solving. This makes the future seem brighter and thus optimism is a common feeling at Plan A. 

We have curious readers, eager to get active. How can they get involved with your project?

We all have the power to initiate change or green teams at our workplaces. Many green movements start from the bottom up and we believe that employee activism is a force for good. A great way to take action is to look into the sustainability approach of your company and see if you can initiate change. Our tools are specifically designed to help businesses (and their members!) measure, understand and reduce their emissions. You can (should?) be part of this change! We’ve also just launched a campaign to help small businesses get started with carbon reduction.

You can also visit the Academy for lots of ideas and information about how to make a real impact both in your personal and work life. People are more than individuals, they’re part of a community, family members and employees. All these roles make individuals the vehicle of change and the drive force behind transforming our society’s model.

How can they get in touch?

If you would like to get your company on the path to sustainability, whether a CEO or a newcomer, get in touch with us on our website PlanA.Earth.

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